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Need help guys: need new Cd player...or more? (1 Viewer)

Susan S

Dec 23, 2001
Amherst, Virginia
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This may not be a "usual" request for you : My 1989 Adcom GCD- 575 cd player had the audacity to stop...just like that, no goodbye, just stopped. Dead. Sent her off to the repair shop who tried but eventually sent her back to me as he can no longer find parts for the laser. <sniff> I now am in need of a new cd player. I have really enjoyed my cd/preamp/amp combo with Adcom for the last 30 years...sweet clarity, just a lovely setup. But now to modern times: I still love analog, use some sweet litle Accoustic Reseach tube amps when I have custody of the Tannoys (weird I know: I "share" custody of two 17" dual-concentric Tannoy Ardens with my Ex....we alternate every 5 years...unless he's in a snit, or whatever...but lets just say I now am using my Paradigm towers. I'd like a sweet little modern (i.e. new) setup that doesn't cost three arms and a leg as I am , after all, a retired schoolteacher. I listen to mainly rock, show tunes, rarely opera, some blues and jazz...but at heart I am an Eagles/Queen/10CC kind of gal. Can you steer me to a setup that won't put me in serious debt but that you think would sound sweet? Just so you'll know what I have...my Adcom Preamp and low-wattage tube amps still work, somewhere I still have a 2011 Denon 1911 AV receiver, I have a Sony UBP-X800 4K Blue Ray dvd/CD player...so if any of that could be worked in I thought I'd let you know. Any ideas??
Susan in Virginia

Nelson Au

Senior HTF Member
Mar 16, 1999
I’m not familiar with Adcom players but took a look at eBay and saw a few of your model. Might be an option if you’d like to replace the player with the same model. There’s one being sold for parts so that might help repair yours.

Your Sony blu ray player could play CDs too.

Good luck!


Senior HTF Member
Dec 13, 2006
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I agree with those other posters who recommend using the Sony machine. I've been an audiophile for decades and I have a Lyngdorf high end CD player. I sometimes use one of my Sony Blu-ray players for CDs and they do a pretty good job. It's possible that your Sony, being their up-market machine, could do a better job than my normal Sony players. I doubt very much that you'll hear anything seriously amiss.

The Drifter

Jan 29, 2019
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Just saw this post. Would agree with others that it's probably best to avoid getting a new stand-alone CD player & just using your BD player to play CD's. This may just be me, but when it comes to older electronics, I don't believe there's a lot of value in trying to get them repaired - especially given that the repair may be expensive, and you have no idea how long it will last.

My stand-alone Aiwa CD player (that I purchased in 2000) finally crapped out on me in late 2014 - and I got rid of this. The sound was great & I thought about replacing the player. But, at that point I had a BD player which played CD's, as well as a CD player in my car & another one in my computer. So, since I had three other ways to listen to CD's, there was no real need to replace the stand-alone player - which was quite bulky/heavy to begin with.

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