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    This is my first post so if I am breaking ettiquette or am on the wrong forum, I apologize.

    I am a renter and am in an unfortunate situation of having no room worth a dang for a halfway decent surround experience. My setup is like this (bare with me):
    I have a large room that comprises the living area, and logistics (and my wife) necessitate that the home theater is set up on basically the left half of the room. The television is against the back wall and the primary seating is against the front wall, so the left speakers are against the left wall and the right speakers are just kind of out in the middle.

    My problem is that I'm unsure exactly how to place my surround speakers to get the best surround experience possible. From what I've read, they need to be placed about 6 feet high (on either side of the primary seating), with the speakers facing the middle. Am I correct?

    Thanks for any help!
  2. joe rizzuto

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    about 2 to 3 feet from your seated ear level is good.
    there are other ways also that sound ok if not the best depending on the room.
    i suggest you try the dolby website for some some set-up ideas also. some of the speaker/hardware websites also have set-up solutions.
    not having a dedicated room for the h/t makes it a necessity to be inventive and experiment lots.
    and don't forget to actually listen to your set-up as your ears will ultimately be the best deciding factor.
    that being said, do you have a set up dvd and spl meter? these are your basic tools for 'best' sounding room.
    hth and good luck!
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    Neil Joseph
    As yopur seating is on the back wall, you have a couple of viable options both of which will work with slight changes in the way they will sound. Option 1 is to have the speakers face each other and option 2 is to have them face towrd the front of the room but I would say this is preeferrable only if the speakers were well behind the listening position. For your room I would take option 1. Can the speakers be mounted off the back wall or are they large enough for stands?
  4. Bob McElfresh

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