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    i'm looking for a decent pair of travel headphones, and i'd like to make a purchase very soon!
    my brother owned a pair of Etymotic Research ER4S's which i absolutely LOVED, but they cost ~$270 which i am very reluctant to pay. i'm looking for something with a similar 'attachment' to the ear but with a lower price. i am very closely considering the ER6's, but the earbud design never worked for me. they would always fall out and were uncomfortable. anyone have any suggestions? also where to buy for dirt cheapest?!
    one more: if i do decide to break down and buy the ER4's, which should i go with? the S likely sounds the best, but i will be using these only with a portable CD player and no amp so should i get the P version? (my brother had a travel amp that he used with the S 'phones.) thanks in advance to all!
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    Try some over-the-ear headphones that fold for traveling, such as the Koss PortaPro. I think they were around $40 or $50. More at www.goodcans.com.
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    B&O make some stylish headphones. They're earbud style but have some embellishments that allow you to adjust them to fit. They fit over your ears like a pair of sunglasses (not a problem if you wear glasses already, like me.)
    I have a pair and they fit me VERY well. They can be a little tricky to get adjusted the first time you put them on...but after a while you get used to it.
    The sound is impressive. They're small so the bass resonse isn't tremendous but they are far and away the best headphones I have had for traveling. Don't expect them to block out noise on an airplane though.
    There is the premium you pay for most B&O products also. Cost is about $160. Since the ER4s seem to be within your price range (albeit the outer limits) then these may be a nice compromise at $100 less.
    My 2¢.

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