Have Popoular and Boy Meets World been officially announced?

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by David Levy, Mar 23, 2004.

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    Mar 9, 2004
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    I was just wondering, as all...
  2. Robert Ringwald

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    May 16, 2001
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    Yeah. Both are scheduled for releases this Summer.


    Presenting the complete first season of Popular, a 6-disc DVD set from Buena Vista Home Entertainment and Touchstone Television. Who's hot? Who's not? The popular ones, the unpopular ones, the geeks; Kennedy High has them all, and they're squaring off against each other.

    On the popular side there's Brooke McQueen, a Barbie doll prototype, the head cheerleader with Nicole her devilish best friend. Then there's her boyfriend, Josh Ford, star of the football team; Mary Cherry, the multi-millionaire Texan girl, and Sugar Daddy.

    On the unpopular side, there's Sam McPherson, the girl who is always looking for justice; Harrison, the not-so-hot boy; Carmen Ferrara, the heavy girl with the warm heart and Lily, the confused girl with the boyish look.

    Brooke and Sam, enemies by nature, have to deal with their parents' marriage and school problems. Bonus materials for Popular - Season 1 include Audio Commentaries, Outtakes, Behind-The-Scenes and Making-Of featurette, a "Where Are They Now?" retrospective, and more. Bonus materials are subject to change.

    The 22 episodes from the first season are all here, including the season-ending show which mocked over a half-dozen "sweeps stunts" which are often seen during the "Sweeps" periods. That one will be a can't-miss! Look for this to hit home at a suggested retail price of $59.99, on July 20th. Stay tuned for cover art to be posted later on.
    www.tvshowsondvd.com [​IMG]
    Tom dug deep into the realm of the Mouse and got ahold of the scoop: August 24 is the official street date for Boy Meets World - Season 1. This will be a 6-DVD set with a reported list price of $49.99! Here is the notice that Buena Vista will be making public in the near future:

    The people in the world of teenager Cory Matthews (Ben Savage) continue to test his theories about life and relationships including his girlfriend Topanga, his best friend Shawn, Cory's older brother Eric and his family in general.

    Things get even more interesting in school where the ever-present and wise Principal George Feeny (William Daniels) continues to make Cory and Shawn's lives more challenging. Feeny, who still lives next door to the Matthews, has a unique way of always seeming to know what unpredictable antics the young men are up to. This first season introduces the characters, who are typical American teenagers going through the pains and pleasures of growing up. Boy Meets World - Season 1 includes the complete first season episodes plus:
    Audio Commentaries
    Deleted scenes
    Behind The Scenes/Making-Of featurettes
    "Where Are They Now?" retrospective
    And more!

    Note: Bonus materials subject to change.

    Nice! TVShowsOnDVD has been through some ups and downs with this series, including several occassions (the first of which was reported here) where over-zealous fans have created multiple accounts in order to jack up our voting totals on this particular series. We hope that there is no longer any need for such antics, since the DVD is finally on-the-way.

    About the only thing DVDAnswers.com wasn't able to provide was the cover art, which they say will be available shortly. Stay tuned, and we'll let you know about that, too.
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    DVD Empire has posted Boy Meets World up for pre-order.

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