Happy 45th birthday to the Final Frontier.

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    The world changed forever forty-five years ago today, when the human paradigm expanded beyond the lower atmosphere.
    One thing, though, before you click on the link: Pundits often refer to the 1960s as the "golden age" of space travel. Nonsense. Though the Space Age is forty-five years old, we are still at the very beginning of a journey that will last probably forever. The best is yet to come.
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    Yes, although Sputnik & Cold War a bit before my time, space has always been a boyhood wonder. Now as a man, the assumed infinity still overwhelms. I find this next tidbit a bit humurous. Admin may of course delete, if it tip-toes over the line.
    During the furor that followed Sputnik 1 and Sputnik 2, many people accused the Eisenhower administration of letting the Soviet Union best the United States. The Sputnik crisis reinforced for many people the popular conception that Eisenhower was a smiling incompetent; it was another instance of a "do-nothing," golf-playing president mismanaging events. G. Mennen Williams, the Democratic governor of Michigan, even wrote a poem about it:
    Oh little Sputnik, flying high
    With made-in-Moscow beep,
    You tell the world it's a Commie sky
    and Uncle Sam's asleep.
    You say on fairway and on rough
    The Kremlin knows it all,
    We hope our golfer knows enough
    To get us on the ball.
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    And yet my VCR still flashes "12:00"....sigh.

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