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    Okay I moved this to a new post because this is the only thing that anyone seemed to like... [​IMG]

    Basically I have a brand new Gamecube got it for myself for christmas to figure out that I just don't need it (have an xBox) So its sat on my audio rack ever since. Completely mint heres what it includes:

    +Platinum Gamecube including box, manuals, controller ect. Completely mint used no lie about ten or fifteen times.
    +Wavebird basically new, have packaging for this somewhere too...
    +Oem Memory card the large one
    +Controller extension in white
    +Games: Clone Wars, Crazy Taxi, Nascar Thunder, Burnout, Super Smash Brothers

    Highest offer I've had so far was $150 shipped. So if anyone else has something speak now because this has to go. I can't remember forum rules but I don't think I can have a bidding contest so... I'll say 180 shipped OBO. Thanks anyone who has PM'ed me please redo with an offer
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