Future West Wing Releases

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by Chris Bardon, Jun 7, 2004.

  1. Chris Bardon

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    Jul 4, 2000
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    Any word from WB on the schedule for future West Wing releases? I notice that s2 was out about 6 months after s1-does this mean that we'll see s3 in November and s4 in May? Actually, it'd be nice if they released 3, 4, and 5 before the beginning of s6 in the fall (since I'm too far behind to just jump back in), but I don't see that happening...
  2. David Lambert

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    Aug 3, 2001
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    One report reached Gord and I that S3 would hit in September. All Warner would say about that date, and others from the same source, is that none of the dates we were given were correct. They would not give us the accurate dates. From what I gathered, the correct dates had not been nailed down yet.

    We have a great relationship with Warner, so hopefully we'll have the date for you just as soon as Warner sets it.

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