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FS: NEC XG135LC/XG852 hybrid CRT projector with new VDC tubes (trades accepted) (1 Viewer)

Jay Sylvester

Supporting Actor
Jan 27, 2002
Will also consider trades for other high-end A/V gear...please e-mail your offers.

For sale is a special NEC XG LC CRT custom-built by Terry F. (Chuchuf in the AVS CRT forum). Acknowledged and respected by the CRT community as a professional CRT installer, rebuilder, and calibrator, Terry has come up with something really special. It's a custom XG LC built using parts from multiple projectors, and the result is what Terry described to me as the best 8" LC unit he's ever seen.

Rather than try to describe what Terry has done--I'm not the expert, he is--I'll just point you toward a post of his describing his creation:

NEC XG Hybrid I built... (AVS Forum)

I purchased this projector from Terry, but it is still in his possession because my relocation plans haven't worked out as I hoped, and my space restrictions won't allow for a CRT. Therefore, it's up for sale again. This was to be my first CRT projector (I've been using digitals for the past few years), and I'm disappointed it will end up in someone else's theater instead of mine.

Not only is this a custom job, but I also asked Terry to replace all three tubes with new VDC tubes--and I feel comfortable calling them "new" rather than "rebuilds" because these tubes are the first 8" VDC tubes to incorporate brand new glass instead of the recycled glass VDC has used in the past.

Includes remote, RGBHV input, and component input so you can feed a component signal directly to the projector without a transcoder.

Basically, the best XG LC assembly in existence with brand new VDC tubes (new glass) tested for 100 hours by Terry to verify their quality. A great and rare find, ready to ship.

The asking price of $4750 includes freight shipping on a pallet to anywhere in the continental US. I'm also willing to consider trades for other high-end A/V gear, so please e-mail your offers.

If you have specific questions about the projector, please contact Terry via e-mail. He can answer all your technical questions. Feel free to e-mail me as well.

Personal check preferred, but I'm willing to accept PayPal from CONFIRMED accounts with VERIFIED ADDRESSES ONLY. Please see my ebay feedback as a reference; you can use the ebay contact form to e-mail me and verify that the account I'm linking to is mine.

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