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FS: CRT projector, screen, computers - all working and cheap - Richmond, VA area (1 Viewer)


Sep 9, 2005
I have a number of computers and home theater gear for sale, if anyone is interested. I realize this is my first post on this forum but I have sold on others, including ebay, craigslist etc. I can provide references, and have a lot of ebay feedback (687 feedback score)

All of these items are in good working condition and cosmetic condition. Please feel free to come by to view them. We can ship anywhere as well at the buyers expense. Pictures available upon request.

One (1) Kloss Novabeam Model One CRT video projector. This unit has been modieifed into a coffee table, with wooden sides and top. Comes with original remote, and a copy of the owenrs (not service) manual. It has composite video and RF inputs, with one internal speaker. It has a built in tuner, and two other inputs. It was purchased 01/04/82 for over $3550. It appears to be in good working condition and was tested with cable, and satelite signals. Picture is clear right now, and would be even better with proper calibration (has been in storage for awhile) It is self-converging and has built in matrix controls for optimal signal clarity and color convergence. It is capable of HDTV signal resolution but does not have data, RGD, or DVI inputs (only RCA). All three tubes fire but we do not know how many hours are on the unit total, or each tube respectively. You can still get replacements tubes, and parts for this unit though. Asking $400 obo.

One (1) large custom road case (for the above unit), with internal padding, and heavy duty casters. This was purchased 03/82 ($635.40), and fits this unit like a glove. It is bright blue in color, and in very good solid condition. Asking $75 obo.

One (1) Da Lite fast-fold deluxe projection screen ($700 in 1982) with front mat and brackets. This large screen measures 6 x 8 feet, and is in good condition. No drapes are included. It comes with all brackets and with it's own hard case. Asking $120 obo.

(THIS HAS BEEN LISTED ON EBAY, EMAIL IF INTERESTED)Sony VAIO CPD220VS CRT flat screen computer monitor speakers sub. This is a CRT computer monitor. It measures 17 inches (16 actual) and is in good working and cosmetic condition. It does have some slight scuffs (as pictured) from momving but that does not affect the performance. This was one of the first Sony Vaio monitors, and even has a built in mic at the top of the screen, good for videoconferencing. Power cord included but no documentation. Asking $25 obo.

(THIS HAS BEEN LISTED ON EBAY, EMAIL IF INTERESTED)Dell complete desktop 450 mhz pentium II, 96 mb ram, 8.4GBThis is a complete Dell Dimension XPS T450 Pentium II 450 Mhz Desktop computer system. It has 96 MB RAM, a 8.4 GB hard drive, on board audio, a dial-up modem and ehternet adapter cards, vga video card, game, seriel, and parallel ports. It has a windows 98, microsoft office and a number of other programs pre installed on the hard drive. This unit is in good working and cosmetic condition. It has been in storage and probably needs to be cleaned. It boots up properly and quickly. Included with this CPU is a standard ps2 mouse and keyboard. No other software or accessories are included. This would be a good beginner PC, web server or student machine. They sell for about this amount on ebay. Asking $35.

(THIS HAS BEEN LISTED ON EBAY, EMAIL IF INTERESTED)Gateway complete desktop 800 mghz, 20gb, 256mb, 15" monitor This is a complete Gateway desktop computer. It is the gateway essential model 800c, and is in good working and cosmetic condition. It comes complete with matching Gatway 15" CRT monitor. This computer has a very small case and footprint. It has two pci slots, five USB 1.1 (2 front, 3 back). It does NOT have ps2 mouse and keyboard connectors, so all accessories have to be USB. INcluded with this auction will be a wireless USB mouse and regular usb keyboard. It has on board video, audio, and 56k modem. In one of the pci slots is a 10/100 ethernet nic card. All drivers and gateway software is preinstalled and updated. This computer was made in 2001. The gateway has a seagate 20gb hard drive loaded with pre-installed software. Included is windows xp home updated to sp2 oem, microsoft offioce 2003 complete retail, mozilla firefox, aol, advanced uninstaller, and adobe photoshop 7.0.
This would be a great starter system for the college student or small family. This computer runs great, and has been kept in tip-top condition with no virus or spyware. The software alone on this system is worth the asking price. Can also add a bunch of mp3 and aac music files like on our other pc listed. Asking $150 obo.

Gateway desktop 2.0 ghz,384mb,40gb, 15" lcd This is a complete Gateway desktop computer system. It comes complete with original ps2 keyboard, ps2 mouse, and Gateway 15" LCD flat panal monitor. Also all cables, including power, tel;ephone, ethernet, video, etc. All pieces are in good working and cosmetic condition. (picture below shows speakers not included with this sale, as we are keeping for new system)The system is a 2.0 GHZ Celeron processor, with 384 MB ram installed. There is one 40 GB Western Digital hard drive. The motherboard has built-in ethernet 10/100, and audio inputs/outputs and mic. We replaced the original no-name 56k modem with a US Robotics 56k pci modem. There are six USB ports (2.0, 4 on the back, 2 on the front) There is an RGB vga video output, parallel and seriel ports. Also included are the original driver discs and software from gateway.
There is pre-installed including the windows xp home SP1 OEM. The full retail copy of microsfot office 2003, all components activated. Adobe photoshop 7.0, Advanced uninstaller pro 2004, ebay turbolister, mozilla firefox, stamps.com f-protect antivirus, adobe acrobat reader, aol 9.0, phonetools, windows messenger, outlook express, spybot search and destroy, realplayer, and quicktime. There is also a bunch of music. Included on the hard disc are over 3000 mp3 and aac music files. Popular music from all genres too numerous to list here. You will not be dissapointed. This machine was well taken care of and there are no problems with it. This would be a great back to school system for a student or a small family. All software has been tuined so that it is fast running and robust, even for an rntrey level model. It is being sold, as we just got a brand new laptop. You could purchase a new dell for less but not with all of this good software and music already on it. The price is firm, and can deliver to you for a small fee. Asking $450 obo.

Apple Mac g3 300mhz 64mb 6gb cd keyboard, mouse cables
This is an Apple G3 powerpc tower unit. This mac is 300 mhz, with 64mb sdram, and a 6gb hard drive. It has one cd drive, firewire, usb, netowrk, modem, audio and video connectors. Afraid we do not know much more about the specs, as we are are not knowledgeable about apple computers.It is in good working condition tough. This unit dates back to 1999 and was used in a kiosk at a local fast food restaurant. It has a proprietary program that starts, after the apple os boots, with childrens games on it. It has an apple keyboard, and matching single button blue and white apple mouse.Also included are all cables. The computer is a little dusty, from being in the bottom of the kiosk, but boots up quickly and properly. It probably has whatever the newest version of the apple os was back in 1999. We tried playing around with it, but the kids game starts by default after bootup. It was connected to an ELO touchscreen (not included) Asking $75.

ELO open frame 15" CRT Rear-Mount Touchmonitor, from 1999. It is in good working condition, and was pulled from a kisosk, in a fast food restaurant. It is open frame, seriel verision with intellitouch technology. Email for specs (you can still download drivers for this unit)This unit does not have USB, but a seriel to USB adapter works just fine with the driver from the website. This can be used in another kiosk, or with your own dektop system. Who needs a mouse? Asking $120.

Will list a sony tuner, dual turntable, jbl century speakers and other gear possibly in future. This seems to be a good marketplace. Thanks!

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