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  1. Christopher Carr

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    Jun 25, 2000
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    Could you please think about putting Promotional tv spots from Buffy on the future DVD box sets? I have friends that have seen many episodes and it would help people remember if they have and havnt seen it. I like introducing episodes with the TV spot so my friends will get what they are seeing. Plus I just like em all [​IMG]...
    Please do consider also getting ppl on Buffy to go along with more commentaries or more featurettes or some bloopers, or deleted scenes, just so that you can bring Buffy fans the ultimate DVD experience cuz well, TV shows are basically a one release thing....The X-Files sets are excellent...please keep up that excellence w. Buffy! [​IMG]
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    There will be a blooper reel on Season 3. I can't WAIT to see it!
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