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A List Of Short Lasting or Obscure Shows Not Yet on DVD (1 Viewer)

Jim Beaver

Supporting Actor
Oct 9, 2003
I just wanted to start this by saying please don't turn this into another wish list thread when we have so many already. This thread was started to give people a list of TV shows that either didn't last long, are now pretty obscure or lasted a little while but still ultimately got cancelled. It's also to tell you a little bit about the show and what are the chances of a DVD release. I have just been realising that are ton of dramas, comedies sci-fi, fantasy and supernatural shows that were special and different from the other stuff and for whatever reason didn't make it but it would be great for these shows to get a second life on DVD where people can re-experience them again and new fans can come and enjoy it for the first time.

I also realise that there are probably shows that I missed, so please add the show and give a brief description of it.

BRIMSTONE Aired on Fox 98-99, DVD Rights: Warner Bros.
I might as well start it off with probably my favourite show ever. Brimstone was about a cop named Ezekiel Stone (Peter Horton) who traumatized by his wife's rape and vowing to catch the guy who did it and once he found him he killed him. Not long after he got his face blown up by some punk when he was walking the beat. He died and because he committed a mortal sin he went to Hell. 15 years later 113 of the most vile creatures escape from Hell, so the Devil (played by the wonderful John Glover) makes a deal with Stone and says "If you bring back all 113 I'll let you have a second chance at life on earth" So Stone excepts hoping that once this over he can reconcile with his wife again. Brimstone only lasted 13 episodes unfortunately but was one of the most creative and unique shows ever. Peter Horton and John Glover were amazing in their roles.
Chances Of A DVD:
Right now not too likely. I've asked Warner about this in the last couple of chats and they don't seem to have any current plans. It's too bad because they do a tie into Smallville as John Glover is now on that show.

Dark Skies Aired on NBC 96-97, DVD Rights: Sony
In the 1960s John Loengard soon learns that government corruption is deep, aliens exist and truth is probably farther out there then an episode of the X-Files. Along with his fiancée Kimberly they go on a quest to uncover the truth and stop the cover-ups which leads them to Majestic-12, a secret government operation (above all offices and law) dealing with extra-terrestrials. John is now over his head as he discovers the Alien Hive and there sinister plots which he now must stop while still staying one step ahead of the government and unravelling the historical clues that are tied into the Hive.
Chances Of A DVD:
I'd never heard of this show until a few years ago when it was on a list of great but cancelled shows. It sounds really cool though. Sony owns this and just a guess but we won't be seeing this for a while.

Strange World Aired on ABC 99-99, DVD Rights: Fox
Created by Howard Gordon (24) it followed Paul Turner who while in the Army is exposed to some deadly chemicals where he then spent six years fighting for his life until a mysterious Japanese woman gives him an serum that makes him feel better then ever. But them mysterious woman has a dark and dangerous agenda as the cure is only temporary and in order to stay healthy Paul must now do certain assignments. After recovering Paul now joins back in the Army where he is now a special investigator trying to track down and uncover the monsters of the world; human cloning, gene splicing, and chemical weaponry.
Chances Of A DVD:
Actually it's very possible that this show could come on DVD. While talking about The Inside DVDs Tim Minear (who was a writer for this show) talked about wanting to do a DVD Set with Howard (who also was a consulting producer on The Inside) We'll see if anything comes out of this.

Nowhere Man Aired on UPN 95-96, DVD Rights: Image??
Thomas Veil (Bruce Greenwood) was a photographer who once had a happy normal life. He had a loving wife and a great career but all that changed one night when in the blink of a eye his identity, his life was erased. Someone had gotten to Thomas's wife and friends and made them forget him. And like that he ceased to exist. Now Thomas must find out who is doing this? why is he important? and most importantly how to get his old life back.
Chances Of A DVD:
Very Good as Nowhere Man is officially coming on DVD. Image is probably releasing this and no release date has been set. Bruce Greenwood said on his website that he just finished recording commentary with Larry Hertzog (the creator) and Megan Gallagher.

Sleepwalkers Aired On NBC 97-99, DVD Rights: Sony
Bruce Greenwood and Naomi Watts starred in this show about a team of scientists who find a way to go inside and interact with people while there dreaming. They use this ability to help people who are trapped in a coma or having severe nightmares. Dr. Nathan Bradford (Bruce Greenwood) who was the team's leader was hoping eventually he could use this technology to wake up his own wife who was trapped in a coma state.
Chances Of A DVD:
At the moment not very likely. Sony hasn't shown much interest in many of the short-lived shows. I think now because of Naomi Watts star power right now would be a perfect time to release it.

Key West Aired on Fox 1993, DVD Rights: Paramount??
Key West was another one of shows in long list of Fox shows that got cancelled. Key West followed Seamus O'Neill who was working as a factory worker in New Jersey until his luck changed and we won the lottery. Seamus moved to Key West, Florida to become a writer while there he meets some of the interesting characters and realises life is about to get a whole lot more interesting.
Chances Of A DVD:
This is another show I just found out about and it sounds awesome and I'd love to see it. Sadly it doesn't look like Key West is coming to DVD anytime soon.

Roar Aired on Fox 1997, DVD Rights: Universal
Created by Shaun Cassidy (American Gothic Invasion) Roar followed Conor (Heath Ledger) an orphaned prince in 400 A.D. Ireland trying to unite the Celtic Clans and stopping the invading Roman's from conquering. Conor must rise up and protect his people while having trusty allies and watching out for a sorcerer who is not what he appears.
Chances Of A DVD:
Hopefully the chances are good that this will come to DVD eventually. Shaun Cassidy's other show American Gothic is finally being released this October and he has a new show called Invasion that starts this fall on ABC. Also Universal has started to release more of their short-lived shows on DVD. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Maximum Bob Aired on ABC 1998, DVD Rights: Warner Bros.
Maximum Bob was based of Elmore Leonard's book and featured Judge Bob Gibbs (Beau Bridges) as an eccentric judge living in a small Florida town whose residents are probably the oddest bunch of characters you will ever meet.
Chances Of A DVD:
Not so good at the moment. Warner Bros. has shied away from releasing allot of their short-lived series on DVD. So it will probably be a long wait.

Cupid Aired on ABC 98-99, DVD Rights: Sony
Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars) created this quirky drama about a man named Trevor (Jeremy Piven) who believes he's Cupid and the only way he can lift his exile from Mount Olympus is reunite 100 couples without the use of magic. Because of his claims Trevor has to go Claire's (Paula Marshall) therapy group where he then likes to add his own opinions and contradict her.
Chances Of A DVD:
It could possibly come because of Jeremy Piven's recent Emmy nomination and Rob Thomas's critical success with Veronica Mars. But that's just speculation.

I'll Fly Away Aired on NBC, DVD Rights: Warner Bros??
Forrest Bedford (Sam Waterston) is a Southern lawyer in the late 1950s, generally content with his privileged life. But the winds of change are blowing, and he becomes increasingly involved with civil rights cases. Mean- while, Lilly Taylor, who cares for his children, is on her own journey of political and personal awareness.
Chances Of A DVD:
Probably unlikely at the moment as Warner Bros. hasn't been releasing alot of their short lived shows if it is indeed Warner who owns it.

Homefront Aired on ABC 91-93, DVD Rights: Warner Bros.
Homefront set in the 40s tells the story of what happens to a family when people return from war. The trials and tribulations are shown as they deal with problems, when two brothers are in love with the same girl. Homefront is a story about family.
Chances Of A DVD:
Probably unlikely at the moment as Warner Bros. hasn't been releasing alot of their short lived shows. This show may have to wait a while longer.

Beauty & The Beast Aired On CBS 87-91, DVD Rights: Unknown
This show is a modern take on the fairytale where the beauty whose name is Catherine (Linda Hamilton) is an assistant D.A. in New York and Vincent the Beast (Ron Pearlman) is an outcast who lives under the streets in shadows. Vincent becomes Catherine's protector and the two start to develop a friendship.
Chances Of A DVD:
Seeing as I have no idea which Studio even owns this I would say it's not very likely. It's too bad because Ron Pearlman is in Hellboy and Linda Hamilton was in the Terminator you could probably capitalize on those.

Captain Power Aired on Syndication 87-88, DVD Rights: Unknown
Captain Power was created by J. Michael Straczynski (Babylon 5) and was about a war between the humans and the cyborgs. The humans were led by Captain Jonathan Power who and the rest of the soldiers of the future had power suits that helped them in their war against Lord Dread and the Machines.
Chances Of A DVD:
Probably not happening very soon. I think J. Michael Straczynski was asked pretty recently about the possibility of this coming to DVD and I think he said "Don't Count On It."

Tales Of The Gold Monkey Aired on ABC 82-83, DVD Rights: Universal
Tales of the Gold Monkey was created by Donald Bellisario (JAG) and followed the adventures of Jake Cutter (Stephen Collins) around the Pacific Islands in 1932. Jake is joined by his companions who always find new adventures and danger in this mysterious place.
Chances Of A DVD:
Right now it's probably slim but with Stephen Collins on 7th Heaven and by the creator of JAG and Magnum P.I. maybe Universal could find a way to slip this show out.

Max Headroom Aired on ABC 87-88, DVD Rights: Warner Bros.
Max Headroom is the story of a future where Network TV rules all and turn it off would be illegal. Here comes reporter Edison Carter (Matt Frewer) who wants to give a different view of things thus the holographic Max Headroom is born to run wild and shake things up a bit.
Chances Of A DVD:
There was slight hope among people last year when Warner Bros announced BIG plans for their television library in 2005. Max Headroom's picture was show in the 50th Anniversary mural and many believed it was coming. Unfortunately it looks like we will still have to wait for Max Headroom on DVD.

Dead At 21 Aired on MTV 1994, DVD Rights: Paramount
All Ed wanted to be a normal teenager you see Ed is being used for intelligence enhancing research and while he is extremely smart he will also be dead by the time he is 21. Not wanting to sit there and except fate Ed escapes. Now on the run Ed must elude capture from the research facility and hopefully find a cure.
Chances Of A DVD:
Not looking too likely at the moment.

VR.5 Aired on Fox 1995, DVD Rights: Unknown
Sydney Bloom (Lori Singer), a loner VR hobbyist, stumbles on a whole new dimension of VR when she inadvertently discovers that she can "pull" anyone into VR with her via the phone lines which gets the attention of a mysterious online group called The Committee who Sydney joins not knowing their plans may be much more sinister then she ever imagined.
Chances Of A DVD:
There appears to be alot of confusion to has the rights to this show. I've heard Rhino has it but also that they lost the rights. This show also starred Anthony Stewart Head before he went on to Buffy. So there may be alot of people who are curious about this show who would pick it up.

The Burning Zone Aired on UPN 96-97, DVD Rights: Unknown
Dr. Daniel Cassian is appointed by the White House to lead a small top secret federal biological task force of leading scientists to investigate and prevent potential biological disasters. The team also adopts Cassian's secret agenda to track down and identify the scientists and others behind the ultra secret, pernicious organisation known only as 'The Dawn' whose objective is to rid the planet of its most virulent infestation, the human race!
Chances Of A DVD:
This is another show where the DVD rights are unknown so you can probably guess that doesn't help it get on DVD any faster.

Vengeance Unlimited Aired On ABC 98-99, DVD Rights: Warner Bros.
Created By John McNamara (Profit, Eyes) Vengeance Unlimited is about the mysterious Mr. Chapel (Michael Madsen) who helps people who have been wronged or need to get revenge. He offers them help on one condition either a million dollars or a future favour sometime.
Chances Of A DVD:
Hopefully if Eyes comes out this might follow.

Nightmare Cafe Aired on NBC 1992, DVD Rights: MGM
Frank Nolan and Fay Peronivic find themselves in a mysterious all-night cafe following a brush with death - but they soon learn that they did, in fact, die, and have been brought back to life by the cafe. Frank and Fay are given the opportunity to correct something in their lives that went wrong the first time, and upon their success, they stay on as the cafe's new cook and waitress. With the aid of Blackie (Robert England), the enigmatic owner of the cafe, Frank and Fay find themselves dispensing hot coffee, daily specials, justice and second chances to the many imperilled and troubled souls that the cafe is somehow able to attract as it travels from place to place.
Chances Of A DVD:
There's nothing at the moment but I'm sure enough people would buy it for Robert Englund.

Freaky Links Aired On Fox 00-01, DVD Rights: Fox
Derek Barnes (Ethan Embry) has started a website to track all the strange and weird stuff going on he's also hoping it might lead him to his twin brother who has vanished.
Chances Of A DVD:
Fox is pretty good at releasing some of their short-lived shows. Nothings been mentioned but hopefully this is one of the next ones that come.

Get Real Aired on Fox 99-00, DVD Rights: Fox
Get Real focused on the Green family and the many troubles that accompanied each of them. It starred Ann Hathaway as Meghan, Jesse Eisenberg as Kenny and Eric Christian Olsen as Cameron.
Chances Of A DVD:
Fox is pretty good at releasing some of their short-lived shows. Nothings been mentioned but hopefully this is one of the next ones that come. With all the current stars (Ann, Jesse & Eric) doing big stuff I wouldn’t be surprised if this comes out soon.

Strange Luck Aired on Fox 95-96, DVD Rights: Fox
Having survived a plane crash as a child in which all aboard, including his mother, perished, Chance Harper's (D.B. Sweeny) every decision leads to incredible displays of luck, both good and bad. Chance tries to cope with the everyday results of his 'luck' with the help of his close circle of friends and the hope that someday he will find his long-lost brother, mysteriously taken away from his family shortly before the fatal accident.
Chances Of A DVD:
This is another one of Fox's short-lived shows that hopefully get's released. But there's been no recent news.

Prey Aired on ABC 1998, DVD Rights: Warner Bros.
What if global warming was changing our DNA? What if the changes were not good? In this sci-fi series, our questions are answered. Sloan Parker (Debra Messing) is a bio-anthropologist who has just discovered that Darwin's theory might be very relevant here. The human race hides an alternate race among its own, a more intelligent breed of serial killers. Their goal: to destroy human-kind in order to let the strong ones survive them...
Chances Of A DVD:
Warner Bros has been a little unsure to put alot of their short-lived shows on DVD. However this show starred Debra Messing who is pretty big on Will & Grace and her other show Ned & Stacey is being released in the fall. So hopefully this follows suit.

Freddy's Nightmares Aired On Syndication 88-90, DVD Rights: Warner Bros.
Freddy (Robert Englund) hosts this anthology show where every episode he tells a scary tale about the people who live on Elm Street.
Chances Of A DVD:
This show has been asked about a few times at the Warner Bros chat and for the meantime it looks like it's just going to sit here.

Monsters Aired on Syndication 88-92, DVD Rights: Unknown
This was a weekly anthology show that dealt with monsters.
Chances Of A DVD:
I'm not who owns this but Monsters is probably not coming on DVD for a while.

Tales From The Darkside Aired on Syndication 83-88, DVD Rights: Unknown
This was a weekly anthology show that was similar to Tales From the Crypt.
Chances Of A DVD:
At the moment it's very unlikely. As with a few others I'm not exactly sure who owns the rights to this show.

Friday the 13th: The Series Aired On Syndication 87-90, DVD Rights: Paramount
Other then the title this show had nothing to with the movie series of the same name. This show was about two cousins who inherit an antique shop from there dead Uncle Lewis. What they don't know and are about to find out is that each item that was sold in the store is cursed as Uncle Lewis made a deal with the devil. Now with the help of Uncle Lewis's old business partner they must track down each cursed item so they can't cause any more harm.
Chances Of A DVD:
This show was rumoured to come on DVD a while ago but it doesn’t look like it's coming anytime soon.
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Dane Marvin

Jul 21, 2003
Some of those that lasted 3+ years really do not qualify as short-lived. That usually refers to one season or less, and occasionally two seasons. So Tales from the Darkside would not qualify, as it had a pretty good run for a syndicated anthology series.

I would like to see Square Pegs added to your list. :emoji_thumbsup:


Jun 22, 2001
Here's some more you missed:

Beyond Reality (sci-fi series that ran on USA Network in the 90s)
Legend (short-lived UPN series starring Richard Dean Anderson with only 13 episodes)
Jake 2.0 (another short-lived UPN series starring Christopher Gorham of "Odyssey 5")
Odyssey 5 (short-lived Showtime series with Christopher Gorham)
Eerie, Indiana - already available on DVD
The Flash - coming
The Jim Henson Hour (short-lived series similar to the "The Muppet Show" in a way)
Working (ran 2 seasons on NBC; starring Fred Savage)
Flash Forward (short-lived Disney Channel/Canadian series starring Ben Foster ("Freaks and Geeks"), Jewel Staite ("Firefly"), Theodore Borders, and Asia Vieira with a large recurring cast in the vein of "Road to Avonlea" - there was only 26 episodes)
My So-Called Life - already available on DVD
Peacemakers (short-lived USA Network series with a western take on "CSI" with only 8 episodes and the 90-minute pilot)
Mysterious Ways (short-lived series that ran on both NBC and Pax starring Adrian Pasdar ("Profit") and created by Peter O'Fallon)
Time Trax (syndicated sci-fi series that ran for 2 seasons starring Dale Midkiff ("The Magnificent Seven") and producer Harve Bennett)
Dead Man's Gun (western anthology series that ran on Showtime from "MacGyver" executive producer Henry Winkler)

I just wrote these down as the names came to me.

I forgot to mention "The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles". The series chronicled Indiana Jones' life before we knew him in the feature films (including a rare TV appearance by Harrison Ford). It aired on ABC in the 90s and starred Sean Patrick Flanery (who plays the corrupt politican Greg Stillson on USA's "The Dead Zone") as one of the "Indy" roles. The DVD is coming for that from Paramount. Also ABC/Disney Channel (they aired it on the Disney Channel first as a "preview") had the short-lived family drama "Second Noah" starring James Marsden. It also aired in the 90s.


Supporting Actor
Jun 24, 2005
Law & Order: Trial By Jury - definitely more recent, but deserving nonetheless
Karen Sisco - a show that should have been more successful than it was
Eyes - See Karen Sisco

Joey Skinner

Second Unit
Sep 12, 2003
"Buffalo Bill" with Dabney Coleman.
I just found this on IMDb: "Video Business is reporting that Lions Gate will release the complete run of Buffalo Bill on September 6. The three disc, 26 episode set will retail for $29.98."

And Fox still has no plans to release "Andy Richter Controls the Universe".


-The Snappy Sneezer- -Red Huck-
Jun 3, 2004
Seattle, WA
Real Name
Probe (1988) ABC aired this Isaac Asimov created series where Parker Stevensen was an arrogant eccentric scientist and his secretary solve mysteries.

The Charmings (1987-1988) ABC aired this sitcom where Snow White, Prince Charming, their two sons, one dwarf, her wicked Step-mother and the mirror find themselves trapped in the "real 80's" world.

The Others (2000) airing on NBC in Dark Skies old slot, a group of psychic team up to fight the forces of darkness, something evil was coming, this show was creepy like the X-Files.

Johnny Bago (1993) - CBS program comedic spoof of Fugitive type shows where a man is framed for a murder he did not do, goes on the run in a Winnebago and is perused by his angry ex-wife/cop. He meets Elvis along the way.

Hard Time on Planet Earth (1989) - Alien trapped on Earth, I think it is a prison planet or something but he is not really a bad guy, does good action hero with light comedy work.

Hardcastle and McCormick (1983-1986) - 3 year series, I don't know how popular or remembered it is but a retiring judge takes in his last defendant and makes him fight criminals in a hot car.

Covington Cross (1992) A Medieval comedy soap drama on ABC, modern people in a much older time.

The Phoenix (1982) All I remember is he was hitch hiking, had a Phoenix medallion and great powers.

Who owns these and what is their likelihood of DVD release?

Eric Larsen

Nov 27, 2003
Police Squad 1982
Morton & Hayes 1991
Max Headroom 1985, 1987-1988
The Flash 1990-1991
Amazing Stories 1985-1987
Family Dog (by Brad Bird) 1992
The Tracey Ullman Show 1987-1990
It's Gary Shandling's Show 1986-1990
Christy 1994-1995


Second Unit
Jan 20, 2005
How about The Garbage Pail Kids (1988). It was an animated series that never aired in the U.S. because of complaining parents.


Stunt Coordinator
May 31, 2005
Get Christie Love!-1974-w/Theresa Graves
Partners in Crime-1984-w/Loni Anderson & Lynda Carter
Jessie-1984-w/Lindsay Wagner
When Things Were Rotten-1975-w/Richard Gautier
Peaceable Kingdom-1989-w/Lindsay Wagner

Jamie Middleton

Stunt Coordinator
Feb 27, 2005
Of course I have some shows to add to this list.

Jesse aired on NBC Thuresday nights from 1998-2000. Starring Christina Applegate.

Just The Ten Of Us aired on ABC Friday nights from 1988-1990. Spin-off of Growing Pains.

Its Like, You Know... aired on ABC Wednesday nights from 1999-2000 created by Peter Melmahn and starring Jennifer Grey.
Men Behaving Badly (The U.S. Version) aired on NBC Sunday nights 1996-97.
Hidden Hills aired on NBC from 2002-03 17 episodes.
That 80s Show aired on Fox in 2002

I'm sure I will think of some more later.

Rob P S

Senior HTF Member
Mar 22, 2002
Real Name
Brother's Keeper - ABC sitcom (1998-99) about an irresponsible pro-football player who lives with his uptight brother and the brother's young son.

American High - PBS documentary (2000-01) that followed a Chicago high-school senior class and documented their lives.

Equal Justice - ABC legal drama (1990-91) that starred Joe Morton, Jane Kaczmarek, Sarah Jessica Parker, Debrah Farentino and Jon Tenney.

Shannon's Deal - NBC drama (1990-91) with Jamey Sheridan of Law & Order: CI.

George & Leo - CBS sitcom (1997-98) with Bob Newhart, Judd Hirsch and Jason Bateman.

Civil Wars - ABC drama (1991-93) produced by Steven Bochco starring Peter Onorati and Mariel Hemingway.

Brooklyn Bridge CBS comedy/drama (1991-93).

Linda Thompson

Supporting Actor
Apr 4, 2004
Real Name
The Adventures Of Brisco County Jr. - one season; formerly available on DVD via Columbia House, but no longer; http://imdb.com/title/tt0105932/

Alien Nation - one season (plus 5 follow-up TV movies); formerly available on DVD via Columbia House, but no longer; http://imdb.com/title/tt0096783/

Jack Of All Trades - Bruce Campbell series, originally packaged with Cleopatra 2525 (which is available on DVD); http://imdb.com/title/tt0220906/

Tarzan - Mitch Pileggi, Lucy Lawless - 8 episodes on the WB; http://imdb.com/title/tt0367424/

Tremors - TV-series based on the movie franchise; one season on the Sci-Fi Channel; http://imdb.com/title/tt0327375/

Scene Of The Crime - obscure Stephen J Cannell series, one season, as part of CBS Crimetime After Primetime lineup; http://imdb.com/title/tt0101191/

Linda Thompson

Supporting Actor
Apr 4, 2004
Real Name

Peter M Fitzgerald

Senior HTF Member
Mar 21, 1999
Real Name
Peter Fitzgerald
Somewhat obscure shows (these days), but they lasted more than 1 season:

M SQUAD (1957-60)




THRILLER (1960-62)





THE INVADERS (1967-68)





These had a short run, and are largely forgotten:

WAY OUT (1961)







BUS STOP (1961)




T.H.E. CAT (1966)




















Q.E.D. (1982, a.k.a. MASTERMIND)






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