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Faces in Games w/ GBA Camera (1 Viewer)

Aaron Copeland

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Nov 3, 2000
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This is a quote from Morgan on a thread in the Video Game Hardware forum:
This is pretty much GameBoy Camera Advance. Its going to be used like the original (I presume) but the "put your face in a game" feature is supposed to actually be there for some games.
This reminds me of an interesting topic. Remember when PD (before it launched) was originally rumored to allow you to put your face on a character for multiplayer play?
I remember thinking that sounded cool but couldn't see how it would ever fly with parents and the media. So I wonder if anyone will have the nerve to attempt to do such a thing? The media is already fond of calling FPS games "murder simulators" and the like. I can imagine what the uproar might be like if someone made a game that let you put you and your friends faces on in-game characters.
I personally think it would be a blast. I can see my friends and I laughing all night while we fragged one another in a game like that.
Anyway, I suppose this borders on a political topic, but I was just curious what you guys thought about the whole idea of putting your actual face in a game? Specifically the issue of FPS games.

Romier S

Senior HTF Member
Sep 2, 1999
I would enjoy killing myself, killing the evil side of me:D
Its almost cathartic:emoji_thumbsup:
In all seriousness I don't see much of an issue with this. To quote From Dusk Till Dawn "Its not a big fucking deal until someone makes it a big fucking deal".
I have no doubt those that are already out to censor and stop the sale of so called "violent games" or in the case of the FPS genre "murder simulators" will see this as an opportunity and an advantage to continue their fight. Alas, I could care less what they think anyway.
In actuality I think the majority of people that will be using this feature will use it in the exact way the you mentioned. Just to sit with their buddies, having fun, laughing at themselves blowing each other away in a game. A simple outlet like all games are.

Larry Seno Jr.

Supporting Actor
Feb 28, 2002
has the face in the game feature EVER worked? I have tried it with VERY complicated engines such as the EA Sports FITG system, which they use for the actual games (Granted this was 2 years ago, the 2001 version), and it worked just HORRIBLY. Has anyone ever seen a system where it worked?

Morgan Jolley

Senior HTF Member
Oct 16, 2000
I guess you could do it if you know EXACTLY what you're doing with a PC game.

Anyway, I always wanted to put my face in a game so I could play AS MYSELF, not so I could kill myself (or others). Whats wrong with personalizing your character? Imagine an online RPG where YOUR FACE is YOUR FACE!!!

Sort of connected to this topic is another idea I always had. Whenever I play online FPS games (I've had some good LAN games of CS and some other games at school, and during class w/the teacher!) I don't know the maps. I always wanted to make a map of my house or even the school, simply because I know those places. But then again, if I make a map of my school and start killing people in it...well, you do the math. Needless to say, I would only do something like this because it would pull me into the game more, not because I want to kill people I know.

And besides, would you rather I kill the kids I don't like in a videogame or in real-life? By taking the game away, you leave me with one (although more extreme and stupid) choice.

Dan B

Sep 17, 1999
I've done this on a couple of PC games before, but the results were only so-so. I think the first time I tried it was Need For Speed Porsche. It was pretty cool to see yourself in the car, or other freaks. I had made a Chewbacca head for one of the drivers, for instance. :D
*Personalization = fun.
*look ma - a six-syllable word!


Mar 30, 2002
I had monster rancher for the playstation 2 and you could put your pic on there. It looked pretty damn clear. I loved it when I could put my pic on mine and just kick ass....

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