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    Jan 17, 2002
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    I posted this in the reciever/amp section but got no response thought I would try this area.

    Hey guys Just a quick question. I have a extra receiver sitting around at home and I was wondering if I could some how incorporate it into my present system. If so how? My present set up is: Marantz 5200 Sony DVD player Toshiba vcrNumark turn table that I don't use since there is no phono on the 5200. Speakers: Paradigm studio 20 fronts cc 370 center Cerwin vega lw 15 sub(hope to up grade soon) and Phase Technology PC surrounds.

    Thanks in advance
  2. David_Larkins

    Dec 28, 2001
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    Sure you can use that old receiver for a good purpose. I had an old rec. laying around too, so I decided to use it to power a set of Aura Pro Bass Shakers. I don't know if your primary use of you system is mainly music or HT, but let me say that a set of bass shakers wired to the frame of your recliner or sofa REALLY adds to the movie experience. I am a HUGE fan of them. Plus, they are ridiculously cheap... you can pick up a set on ebay for 70 bucks.

    do a search on this forum for 'bass shakers' and I'm sure you will find others who say the same thing about how great they are, and info on how to hook them up properly.

    Good Luck,

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