Everwood 4/28/03

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Patrick Sun, Apr 29, 2003.

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    An almost Colin-free Everwood episode:

    The actor, Michael Corwin, who plays Colin has been signed for some other pilot, so the odds of him sticking around Everwood next season are slim. They already started writing him out of Everwood with his belligerent behavior last episode.

    The whole statutory rape scenario came out of nowhere between Kate and the piano teacher.

    So, was Ephram the better piano player than Kate? Ephram will never know.

    I liked the UFO subplot, and how Amy and Edna got to spend (begrudingly) some quality time. Harold's eyerolling at Doc Brown's cases make me chuckle, they have a good dynamic going on. That lumberjack's wife was beating the tar out of the lumberjack.
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    Chad Rouch

    Unfortuenately it didn't. Not the freshest angle to take I'm afraid.

    I'm really glad that they decided to have Edna take more of a role with her grandchildren. I know her and Dr. Abbott have issues, but that didn't preclude Amy from seeking her out. Amy needs an adult foil and Edna is a great one.

    Colin was probably absent this week (and next) because he was SHOOTING said pilot. I'm sure he'll return to wrap up his storyline or be left open ended enough to bring him back if the network doesn't pick up the new show (which is still a possibility).
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