Everwood 2/9/04

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by Patrick Sun, Feb 10, 2004.

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    The show's title takes on new meaning as Ephram embarks on getting his cherry popped, and the moment and Madison's presence overwhelms him, and he hastily leaves, all flustered and embarrassed by his over-eagerness. I admit it, I laughed heartily at Ephram's plight.

    Bright gives Ephram plenty of neanderthal macho advice when it appears that Ephram is getting the signals that Madison is ready to move to the next level in their relationship. Ephram did use Bright as an excuse to stay overnight at Madison's (and Andy busts him when he and Delia run across Bright and Harold at the grocery store).

    Amy feels like she and Tommy are headed for the next level of intimacy and asks Andy for birth control pills. Of course, Edna finds out as Amy's bloodwork comes back from the lab.

    Just when Amy feels like she's ready to give herself to Tommy, Colin's sister sees that Tommy's drug dealing days are not over and lets Amy know about it. Amy confronts Tommy and he gets all lame about it, and Amy leaves him. Perhaps she missed a bullet by finding out about Tommy before they got any further. Edna talks to Amy about her birth control pills, and Edna makes her realize that sex can complicate feelings.

    Andy refuses to let Linda slink off because she's worried about infecting Andy with her condition, and that would be a detriment to Andy's family. Andy is willing to take the risks because he wants to feel something stirring in his heart again.
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    I really liked this episode. I liked how they dispelled the myths about "first times" that so often plague filmed entertainment.

    However, the parallel storylines are getting old. Why does the same story have to be told from three different perspectives? Amy and sex, Ephram and sex, Dr. Brown and sex; all to some degree being the 'first time.'

    They need to tell three different stories in an episode to keep it from getting tiresome.

    Nina's back on vacation, I guess Andy was just kidding about spending more time with her.
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    I enjoyed this episode much more than I thought I would; I especially liked the way Andy handled his talk with Ephram; it was more realistic than submissive Andy from "Unhappy Holidays."
    Delia being oblivious to the proceedings was a nice touch.
    I also liked that Amy took the mature route for once. She didn't run off screaming from Tommy and turn her back. But she put the brakes on things and made it clear that she didn't approve. I liked Amy more in this episode than a long time, since season one even perhaps. I especially liked the moment between her and Edna.
    I thought having Ephram blow his load early was a perfect, real moment. It was Everwood at top form, and took a much cliched topic and painted it in a real light. His vulnerability after that was pitch perfect, too. Gregory Smith is one to watch.
    I also liked to see Linda at a moment of weakness, not being able to handle Andy as a father and wanting to take the easy way out. I also liked Andy being on the ball with that.

    Some good lines:
    "Don't sell me crap and call it ice cream." - Very Edna even in the seriousness of the moment.

    Andy: (to himself about Ephram) I'm gonna slap an ankle braclet on him and put him on house arrest.
    Delia to Linda: He talks to himself sometimes.
    Linda to Delia: Good to know.

    Delia to Harold about her father and him: Are you two fighting?
    Harold: Perpetually, child.

    The only thing that didn't sit well with me was Ephram and Madison doing it at the Point. It was a nice moment in and of itself, and it served the thematic structure of the episode well as capping the bridge. Likewise, it would have been a cop-out to do an episode about sex without anyone actually getting it on. But something about it seemed to tacked on and rushed, almost arbitrary. It was a moment that I would have been more comfortable about completely off-screen. But then again, maybe that was the point.
  4. Michael Menduina

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    I thought this week was one of the better episodes this season. Very enjoyable.

    After watching this episode, I remembered thinking of the huge stink some people in the US made over the Superbowl Halftime incident. I'd love to see those same people explain what happened to Ephram to their kids. That would've made for some interesting conversation [​IMG]

    Personally, I loved the way they handled most things in this episode. Most kids at 16-17 are starting to become or are sexually active. Unlike Gilmore Girls, where Rory has managed to have 2 long term relationships, has moved off to College and STILL hasn't gotten any!!

    Everwood can be a little mushy at times but every now and then, they will just come out with an episode that reminds me of how well written and acted this show is. Good job to everyone involved.

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