Epos ELS-3 anyone tried? Or, any other?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by kyutaek, Jan 25, 2004.

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    I have Onkyo SR701 and try to build my front channel, center channel and subwoofer.

    Someone in the forum recommended Epos ELS-3 (about $300) as the best bang for the buck. Has anyone got it or tried to listen music through it? If yes, is there any dealer I can try for it? I believe this is (subjectlvely) better than most of sub $500 speaker. Though it is not well known and/or widely spreading in the US (made in England).

    If anyone can compare this with the other alternative, that would be great for me to make a final decision.
    I would also appreciate if you suggest matching center as well as subwoofer (I am currently thinking Velodyne CHT-8 or CHT-10, or Sony 500 or 700).
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    I have a pair of the Epos ELS-3's in my home office 2.1 channel music-only system and love them! I listen primarily to 50s and 60s jazz, as well as some more contemporary jazz (lots of female vocals), some pop, light rock, and some classical. They really sing in the midrange and the bass is surprisingly good for such a small speaker -- tight, punchy, well-defined. Surprisingly good dynamics too for their size. As you would expect with an ultra-small speaker, the soundstage and imaging are great. I really like their highs as well, just right for my ears (I'm not a fan of extremely bright-sounding tweeters), but I have heard a few people complain that the highs could be a bit more extended -- it's all a matter of personal preference for sure. I've heard that Epos recently introduced a matching center channel speaker for the ELS-3, although I really don't know anything about it. You can find several Epos dealers online at www.audiogon.com or check the Epos website to see if there is a dealer near you.

    You can find some great reviews of the Epos ELS-3 at:

    http://www.avguide.com/product/Main...s/ELS3/2688.jsp (from "The Absolute Sound")


    Another speaker you should probably check out is the Ascend Acoustics CBM-170. They are comparable in price to the Epos, but unfortunately I have yet to hear them to make a comparison. The CBM-170s get outstanding reviews -- here and elsewhere on the net. Go to their website at www.ascendacoustics.com to read the reviews. I believe they offer a 30-day trial listening period -- hard to go wrong with a deal like that. You can use the CMB-170 as a center channel. Ascend also offers a new speaker designed for use as a center channel.

    Oops! I almost forgot -- regarding Epos speakers: the company is headquartered in England and their speakers are English-designed, but are now built in China due to cost considerations.

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