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  1. Viktor Lundberg

    Aug 3, 2002
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    In my current system(HK AVR-320, JBL S-310II) I'm using an xbox for dvd/cd playback but I think I want something better. Now, I've been looking into getting a SACD since most people around these parts seem to think it's worth it.
    For my money the Sony DVPNS755V seems really good.

    Music playback is really important to me and I've been told by a couple of people that a dedicated CD player will be much better than doing it through a DVD player. If so, what's a good dedicated CD player in the same price range?

    So is this true? I'd love to be able to go through a DVD player. Would I notice an improvement over the xbox in the music playback department?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.


    Viktor A Lundberg
  2. YANG

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    Feb 10, 1999
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    "Music playback is really important to me and I've been told by a couple of people that a dedicated CD player will be much better than doing it through a DVD player."

    Depending on the DAC that is in your DVDplayer,audio quality differs to stand alone CDplayer.Here i am refering to the analogue audio by using DVDplayer for music CD playback.

    If your receiver/amplifier have on board DAC or some other post audio processing such as HDCD,whether you use DVDplayer or stand alone CDplayer with digital output connection to the mentioned receiver/amplifier there will be not much big difference.
    The same rules goes to laserdisc player.

    Back to stand alone CDplayer. Some players may cost more than what you pay for a mid-class DVDplayer.
    This credit will have to go to the type/make of DAC used in the CDplayer,which may cost several times more than the regular DACs used in DVDplayers.

    BENEFIT of using stand alone CDplayer.
    Lens life of the DVDplayer will not be shorten because of frequent cross media playback.

    BENEFIT of using DVDplayer for both video and audio playback.
    -space saving-no more worries for a extra space for CD player.
    -less cost-you save on cables/interconnects,save on some CDplayer makes that may cost several times more than DVDplayer.

    However,these are just some of my personal opinion.Just for your reference.
  3. KeithH

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    Mar 28, 2000
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    Viktor, in higher-resolution systems, CD players can definitely sound better than comparably priced DVD players. I am considering a case where one is using the analog outputs and, therefore, the players' DACs. In such higher-resolution systems, one might find a benefit in using a dedicated CD player as a transport.
    Without trying to offend you, your system is in the "mid-fi" range (my home-theater system is too). I don't know if you would notice a significant difference between a CD player and a comparably priced DVD player, especially if you used them as transports (i.e., used a digital cable and your receiver's DACs). For example, I don't know if you would hear a difference between the Sony 'NS755V and a $250 CD player. I am not saying that you should not bother trying a dedicated CD player. All I am saying is that I am not sure if you will hear a tangible benefit. That said, if you looking to spend $250 for the 'NS755V, also try to get your hands on a Sony SCD-CE775 SACD/CD changer. The 'CE775 has been discontinued, but you might still be able to track one down. Try Oade Bros. (1-229-228-0093 or 1-229-228-4480), J&R Music World (1-800-221-8180), and OneCall (1-800-340-4770). They are all authorized Sony dealers. As the 'CE775 was being phased out a couple of months ago, it was available for $180-200.
    For around $250, you might also want to try the Denon DCM-370 CD changer. Note that it does not offer SACD playback, though it does offer HDCD decoding, if that matters to you. The '370 is a very good CD player for the money. It could very well beat the 'NS755V in your system. Also check out the Marantz CC3000 and CC4000 and Sony CDP-CA70ES CD changers. None of these models play SACDs either.
    One other component to try is the Sony SCD-C222ES SACD/CD changer. It is a step-up model from the aforementioned 'CE775. Build and sound quality are better with the 'C222ES. Although the 'C222ES retails for $500, you should be able to get it through Oade Bros. for $350. The other dealers I mentioned may match the price. The 'C222ES has been discontinued too, but it should be easier to find than the 'CE775. One other thing is that as an ES component, the 'C222ES comes with a five-year warranty, whereas the 'CE775 comes with just a one-year warranty. For more on the 'C222ES, go to www.crutchfield.com . I realize the 'C222ES is more expensive than the 'NS755V, but I feel it is worth. It would very well greatly outperform the 'NS755V in your system. You should test that theory. [​IMG]
  4. Leon Liew

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    Oct 23, 2001
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    I also prefer stand alone CD player just for music.Agree
    with YANG that by using CD palyer for music needs it certainly will prolong the DVD player's life because it
    does not need to work double hard.

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