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DVD Sale

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Edward_T, Jul 2, 2001.

  1. Edward_T

    Edward_T Agent

    Jun 28, 2001
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    Hi I am looking to sell some of my dvds from my personal collection so I can buy some of theese box sets I need them bad.
    Scream Trilogy Box Set
    Alien Legacy Box Set
    Classic Monster Collection
    The Puppetmaster box Set
    Nightmare on elmstreet box set
    Die Hard Trilogy
    Die Hard Ultimate Edition Trilogy
    Jurassic Park Box Set
    Unbreakable Special Edition 2 dvd set
    CastAway Special Edition 2 dvd set
    Fight Club Special Edition 2 dvd set
    Big Trouble in little china Special Edition 2 dvd set
    Silence of the lambs Criterion Collection
    Blood for Dracula Criterion Collection
    Rushmore Criterion Collection
    Robocop Criterion Collection
    What Woman Want
    The Pledge
    Bless the child
    the Goonies
    here is what I got for sale or possibly trade if u got something I want.
    3 Stooges Film Festival Box Set[RARE] $25.00
    From Dusk Till Dawn Box Set $60.00
    Armegeddon Criterion Collection $40.00
    Charlies Angels Special Edition $ 18.00
    The WaterBoy $17.00
    The Watcher $18.00
    Scary Movie $17.00
    Eyes Wide Shut $ 17.00
    Stir of Echoes $ 18.00
    Dumb and Dumber $16.00
    Happy Gilmore $15.00
    Gladiator Signiture collection 2 dvd set DTS $20.00
    Blue Streak Special Edition $16.00
    What Lies beneath Collectors Edition DTS $18.00
    Immortal Combat $12.00
    House on Haunted Hill Special Edition $17.00
    The Mummy ultimate Edition 2 dvd set DTS $20.00
    Hollow Man Special Edition $17.00
    Scream 1 $ 16.00
    Scream 3 Collectors Series $18.00
    American Streetfighter 1 and 2 double feature $12.00
    Big Momma's House Special Edition $18.00
    Steven king's Sometimes they come back $15.00
    The Ladies Man $18.00
    X-Men Special Edition $18.00
    WIld Wild West $16.00
    Men in Black Limited Edition 2 dvd set $30.00
    BlairWitch 2 book of shadows $ 18.00
    Vertical Limit Special Edition $18.00
    Meet the Parents Collectors Edition DTS $18.00
    Wishmaster 1 and 2 double feature $19.00
    Some of my dvds I am not gonna trade but only sell and vise versa.All offers welcome.All prices can be talked bout and possibly lowerd.All trades welcome as long as they are from my want list
  2. Lucas Dang

    Lucas Dang Stunt Coordinator

    Apr 5, 2000
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    Happy Gilmore $15.00
    Hollow Man Special Edition $17.00
    The Ladies Man $18.00
    Vertical Limit Special Edition $18.00
    I will trade you Die Hard Trilogy for Vertical limit, and one of the others above.
    I also have For trade.
    Original Gone in 60 seconds
    The secret of nimh
    Mirror ball
    let me know
    [email protected]

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