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    I am new to home theater. My system includes a Sony 42" plasma monitor, Sony S9000ES DVD, Sony STR555ES, JVC H7800

    VCR. The VCR is cable connected and is used as a tuner to get the cable channels. The DVD and VCR are connected via s video to the receiver. The receiver is connected to the monitor via s video. Can I connect the DVD directly to the plasma monitor? The DVD has component video jacks but the monitor has 2 RGB connectors. Is there a special cable converter that I should use.

    I plan to install a SAT connection shortly to get digital signals but I feel I am not using the DVD to get the best quality picture.

    Thx in advance for any advice.
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    Which model of Sony plasma display do you have?

    All of the spec sheets that I've been able to find for their 42" models, both the older ones as well as the newer ones (like the PFM-42B1), claim that the display will accept both RGB and component video signals. If a DB15 adaptor wasn't included with the display, you should be able to use a computer grade DB15 breakout cable. They have a DB15 connector at one end and 5 BNC connectors at the other. They're sold at all the better computer and Audio/Video stores. At worst, you'd have to get some BNC-to-RCA adaptors. The manual that came with the display should say which pins to use. One online source is BetterCables.com, although they're somewhat expensive.

    I hope this helps a little.

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