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FS: MyHD MDP-130 computer PCI card + DVI-out daughter card (1 Viewer)

Mar 12, 2008
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Here's an item which may be of interest to computer (HTPC) enthusiasts and/or those looking to "cut the cord."

The MyHD MDP-130 is a PC card (PCI bus interface) which has an ATSC/QAM tuner, and also a hardware MPEG decoder.

The primary use of this card is to introduce the ability to tune in broadcast digital television (over-the-air) or clear (non-encrypted) QAM from a cable TV provider, using a computer. The computer can either play the received content live (in real time) or it can record it onto a hard drive so it can be viewed later (timeshifting, like a DVR).

Here's the breakdown:

- The MDP-130 uses an onboard chip to decode and play back standard-def and high-def (720p and 1080i) MPEG sources, either from the ATSC/QAM signal source or from the playback of recorded/timeshifted content saved to the hard drive. This means that the computer system's own hardware (most notably the CPU and/or GPU) will not be burdened with the resource-intensive task of providing smooth playback of standard-def or hi-def video. Thus, even old PC systems will have no playback issues with the MyHD MDP-130 (which was first released in 2005).

- The included MyHD software provides a user interface through which live TV may be viewed, or recorded shows can be accessed for playback (Windows x86 only, best with Windows XP).

- The MyHD DVI daughter card is an optional accessory that originally had to be purchased separately. It allows the MDP-130 send digital video out (over DVI) to a digital display device (i.e. an HDTV or LCD computer monitor). The MDP-130 card by itself is limited to VGA (analog) output only. A simple DVI-to-HDMI cable (not included) will enable the MyHD + daughter card to connect to a digital display. (This is how I connected to my 50" HDTV in the living room). The optional daughter card is included with the MyHD MDP-130 listed here.

- Finally, the MyHD MDP-130 is ideal for people who are looking to cut costs by dumping their expensive pay TV service (cable, satellite, telecom), provided they can receive over-the-air (OTA) ATSC broadcast, or low-cost basic cable service via QAM. Local programming can still be viewed live or recorded for later viewing via the computer. Even an "old" or "obsolete" PC can be repurposed as a digital TV tuner/DVR just by adding this card, which saves even more money.

Full disclosure -- known issues and limitations:

- First and foremost, this product is best for people who are comfortable with assembling or upgrading computer systems and having at least an intermediate knowledge of how to install and configure software on a Windows PC (or know such a person who can help them out).

- This product failed to work with a couple specific motherboard products. A list of compatiblity successes and failures for several popular motherboards is given in the following link:
(I ran this card without issue on an Asus P4P800 board with Intel Pentium 4 CPU.)

- There is no driver support for 64-bit (x64) Windows. Works best with Windows XP x86 (32-bit), although some have reported success with Vista and Windows 7 x86 (32-bit).

- Not compatible with Windows Media Center (MCE).

- A few functions of the MyHD software do not work on systems running multiple core CPUs, or single core Intel CPUs running with Hyperthreading enabled. Those functions are: (1) DVD playback, (2) playback of recorded files over a network, and (3) firewire recording to D-VHS tape player using MDP-130 software. For additional information and workaround solution, see the following post on the AVS Forum:

Here is what's included:

- One (1) MyHD MDP-130 PCI card, plus all original accessories, printed setup guide, support software, and retail packaging.

- One (1) MyHD DVI daughter card for the MDP-130, plus original accesssories, printed setup guide, and retail packaging.

(Pictures available upon request.)

For more details and product specifications, see:

Cost: Negotiable

Shipping: TBD

Payment: Paypal preferred

I have tried to give sufficient information in this listing to help potential buyers decide if this product is for them or not. Of course, I will be happy to answer any questions posted here. Thanks for looking.
Mar 12, 2008
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Just giving this item listing a bump to add a few pictures. Thanks for looking.


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