Demonstrative Speech: WS vs FS help

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    Hey guys so I have to do a demonstrative speech for 5-7 minutes using a 2d and a 3d visual aid. I figure this is a great way to help educate people during class. Now i need some help on gathering enough info to meet the time requirement plus any help you guys can think of. Don't be shy guys give me a hand [​IMG]
  2. Garrett Lundy

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    2-D visual aid: a poster with four pictures; a 16 by 9 image, a 16 by 9 image reformatted to 4 by 3, a 4 by 3 image, and a 4 by 3 image stretched to fit a 16 by 9 screen.

    3-D visual aid: 61" Samsung DLP RPTV showing the first five minutes from AKIRA.

    The class will hardly notice you'll have no need to say anything else [​IMG]
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    Nov 2, 2002
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    FANTASTIC 2D examples Garrett!

    For 3d...

    I would suggest buying a WS edition and a Pan N Scan edition of a DVD. Don't unwrap the P+S so you can return it for a refund afterwords [​IMG]

    Other ideas - popcorn. Remote control.

    Or just go for the completely different - out of bounds -

    Bring in a GI Joe - "Thi is VHS on a 25" Screen in momo'
    Then open the door for a fully decked out soldier waiting outside.
    This is home theater!"

    Or even better, a barbie and a bikini model! (Or just an attractive blonde in an outfit matching barbie)

    Or, get one balloon filled with helium and another with helium and hydrogen (experement to find the right - and safe - mix) Hold out the helium one labled "VHS" and hold a match to it. Then the other call it "Home theater" and light it up for a great reaction from the audience!

    I could go on and on....
  4. Ted Lee

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    take a dollar bill - maybe you could make a huge photocopy so the whole class can see it.

    show them what it looks like "wide-screen".

    then, tear off the edges and show them what it looks like "full-screen".

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