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    I am wondering if anyone out there could help me please..
    I have an LG HT762TZ DVD receiver that is also a surround sound system.
    I have it connected to my VIVO 42inch plasma PTV42HD with the HDMI cable going into the TV from the LG player and I have no trouble
    watching a dvd in surround sound - but I cannot get surround sound when I am watching normal tv.
    My question is this.
    Is there any way for me to get surround sound from my tv if my tv does not have a TOSLINK connection - I have tried the red/white/ & yellow cable
    going from the tv to the lg with no luck.
    I have used this system with a different TV that had toslink and it worked fine..
    is there any special cable that I could use to get sound when I just watch TV..
    Any help would be greatly appreciated..
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    Your only option in this case is the analog output from the tv. (Red & White) You most likely will have to go to the menu in the tv and select the audio output to "analog" some tv's require disabling the speakers on the tv, some will output both at the same time. As long as your LG combo dvd player/receiver has prologic 2 decoder you should get surround sound. If you were using a cable or satellite box for your tv programing it would most likely have a toslink out, but from what you typed here I gather you are getting tv over the air. Hope this helps you.

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