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Component Set Up for New Sharp 52" LED Help!! (1 Viewer)


Feb 2, 2011
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Tami Vroma
I am a newbie and completely admit it! I don't even know what words to search.

Background--We just built a media tv room and got a new Sharp 52" LED TV. I did a lot of research for the stuff that needs to go in the walls.

2 Gang Box Behind the tv holds 4 HDMI keystones,a RCA in and out (red & white) coax jack and an ethernet Jack. Then below the TV in a three gang box (we didn't want any cables going down from the TV-they are in the wall) and inside our room we have corresponding 4 HDMI keystones,a RCA in and out (red & white) coax jack and an ethernet Jack and lastly we have the speaker banana jack. I am really praying I did this part right.

It is important to note that everything needs to go through our Monster surge protector and power cleaner (our house has been hit by lightening twice and our barn once).

The components I have are on old receiver (we can't afford a new one at this time-no HDMI) but it was awesome in its day. A DVR player-with HDMI, xbox-with HDMI and cable box with HDMI.

What I need to understand is how everything is hooked up. Everything is live into the room (in other words all the wires are run in wall so all I should have to do is plug everything in,

Xbox was easy we just plugged it into one of the HDMI jacks. Cable comes into Monster and then out to Digital Cable box.

What is screwing me up right now is the audio and how the DVR is hooked up so you can still record on one channel and watch another.

Audio confusion-on back of TV there are three 3.5 MM audio jacks-Audio Out, Video Audio (L/R) and lastly Audio in Terminal. It seems to me I should have the 3.5 mm in the Audio Out but then I am way confused on where they go in the back of the receiver (common sense tells me TV/DBS Audio In--which is where I have them) . But audio is not going through the speakers.

On my receiver are the following sets of terminals:

From left to right on back

Antenna Group-FM 750 coaxial, and then some black clips with am something--I believe I don't need this at all

Then is the RCA RED/White Group, CD In Red/White, Tape/MD has a Rec Out Red/White and an In section, TV/DBS has only audio in Red/White, Video has Audio Out and In.

Next is where the speaker wire goes in and is Called Surround Sound Speakers which has a Right, Left and Rear section

Right above the speaker wire clips is something that says MIX and it looks like an RCA but it is black.

Then next to the surround sound group is the another set of speaker clips that says Front Speakers

So my question is do I have the audio out going to the TV/DBS correctly and how do I hook up the DVR so I can watch one channel and record another--if the DVR is hooked to the TV through HDMI do I still need the audio going to the receiver to use the surround sound? Right now we just have two speakers hooked up to the receiver because our 5.1 surround system isn't in yet-waiting for it to come Fedex.

Please help me figure this out! So much appreciated.

Adam Gregorich

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Nov 20, 1999
The Other Washington
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Welcome to Home Theater Forum Tami. I may have more questions than answers to begin with

SO essentially you want to connect the XBOX, DVR, and Cable Box to the TV via HDMI. You then want to have the audio go from the TV to your reciever?

I'm a bit confused on the DVR and cable box. What DVR do you have and does it have a built in tuner? What do you use the cable box for?

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