Close-Out Models: Onk 575X, Or Marantz SR-5000?

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    Hey guys,
    I've got a friend who's somewhat green about our hobby, but he's sharp enough to know that paying a little more for a quality entry-level unit will reap dividends in the future. He's primarily interested in just music for the moment, possible DVD in the future. Not interested in separates. Budget is around $7-800CDN, (roughly a bit less than $500US, I suppose)purchase will be made at one of the chain outfits here in Toronto (a web-purchase is not an option). My choices for him come down to these two close-out models: Onkyo 575X, and Marantz SR-5000 (features are completly comparable, unless I'm overlooking something). Unfortunately, the speaker purchase will have to follow the receiver. We're leaning toward a pair of small Axiom towers, because the bang for the buck is unrivalled. Can any Onk or Marantz owners (or anyone else, 'course [​IMG])weigh in with their opinions? Thanks, fellas. Cheers!
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    I'm not familiar with the SR5000, or the Onkyo 575, but I have an SR8000 in my home theater, and an Onkyo TX-8211 in my kitchen.
    Marantz receivers are renowned for quality audio sound and I have to agree with that assessment. Its a warm, detailed sound. The Onkyo s fine, it powers in-ceiling and outdoor speakers, but I prefer the Marantz sound.
    And if it provides great 2-channel sound I think you'll find it is great for HT too. I drive extremely difficult electrostatic speakers and it performs really well.

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