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    Send requests for this DVD to the e-mail address below. All requests get put on a marketing research chart for universal home video to decide which to release next on DVD.
    So if you are like me, and want CLOAK & DAGGER on DVD... then send requests to the address below.
    universalstudios&[email protected]
    universalstudios&[email protected]
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    Tony D.
    jason i bet you would get more people posting to this thread if you used a more descriptive title.

    like "if you want C&D on dvd please read this."

    i do want it so i'll send the email.

    thanks for the idea.
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    Jason, I see that this is your very first post. Welcome to HTF!
    I'm not familiar with Lee Marketing services, and I actually thought Universal was with a different marketing firm (although studios switch publicity firms all the time, so perhaps that's happened here).
    But I visited Lee Marketing's website and see that their products/services include "Database", "List Services", "Information Services", and "Mail Operations". While this sounds like the general function of any marketing firm, to me it spells out the words JUNKMAIL and SPAM in big bold letters. [​IMG]
    Now, I want Cloak & Dagger really really bad myself, but I'm infamous around here about not wanted to get, um, "marketed to" (spammed). So, I hope you don't mind my asking, but how did you come across this information? Do you or someone you know actually work at Lee Marketing? Can you tell us anything about their privacy policy (since their website doesn't seem to list it), and whether anyone who sends their e-mail address in to ask for this DVD can then expect it to be added to some giant list, which would then be sold to every spammer in universe?
    Forgive me for being so direct with those questions, but you can understand my caution about this. Anything you can tell us about your background in how you came by this information and what you know about the company would be useful to all of us in deciding to do this. Thanks,

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