CD New Release Roundup for 3/16

Discussion in 'Bargains and Deals' started by EricSchulz, Mar 14, 2004.

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    Here's this week's deals...sorry I am posting this so late in the day, but I had to work. :)

    A=mazon BB=Best Buy CC=Circuit City T=arget

    Jackson Browne: "Very Best of..." (2CD)
    A= $23.49 BB= $15.99 CC= $15.99 T= $15.98
    David Byrne: "Grown Backwards"
    A= $14.99 BB= n/a CC= n/a T= n/a
    Cassidy: "Split Personality"
    A= $14.99* BB= $9.99 CC= 9.99 T= 9.98
    Gipsy Kings: "Roots"
    A= $14.99 BB= n/a CC= n/a T= n/a
    Godsmack: "The Other Side"
    A= $9.98 BB= $6.99** CC= $6.99 T= $6.98
    Hall and Oates: "Ultimate" (2CD)
    A= $22.99 BB= $15.99 CC= n/a T= $15.98
    Irish Tenors: "Heritage"
    A= $13.99 BB= n/a CC= n/a T= n/a
    Joe Jackson: "Live: Afterlife"
    A= $13.49 BB= n/a CC= n/a T= n/a
    George Michael: "Patience" (import only)***
    A= $37.49 BB= n/a CC= n/a T= n/a
    Michelle Shocked: "Captain Swing"
    A= $13.98 BB= n/a CC= n/a T= n/a
    10cc: "Complete UK Recordings: 1972-1974"
    A= $18.99 BB= n/a CC= n/a T= n/a

    * -this is the price for the explicit version. The edited version sells for $18.99
    ** -see "Deals" section below
    *** -this is getting a domestic release in June '04
    Best Buy
    Rooney: s/t
    Butterfly Boucher: "Flutterby"
    Lo-Pro: s/t
    Yeah Yeah Yeahs: "Fever to Tell"
    Mars Volta: "De-Loused in the Comatorium"
    Him: "Razorblad Romance"
    Fefe Dobson: s/t
    Styx: "Best of..."
    Motley Crue: "Best of..."
    Scorpions: "Best of..."
    Tears for Fears: "Best of..."
    Whitesnake: "Best of..."
    The Thrills: "So Much for the City"
    Story of the Year: "Page Avenue"
    Josh Kelley: "FOr the Ride Home"
    Five For Fighting: "Battle for EVerything"
    The Darkness: "Permission to Land"
    Black-eyed Peas: "Elephunk"
    Sheryl Crow: "Very Best of..."
    Postal Service "Give Up"
    Flogging Molly: "Drunken Lullabies"
    Juvenile: "Juve the Great"
    Jay-Z "Balck Album"
    Chingy: "Jackpot"
    Hoobastank: "The Reason"
    Anthony Hamilton: "Comin' Where I'm From"
    G-Unit: "Beg For Mercy"
    Ludacris: "Chicken 'n' Beer"
    Ron White: "Drunk In Public"
    OST: "Barbershop 2"
    Nickelback: "Long Road"
    Incubus: :A Crow Left..."
    Thousand Foot Krutch: "Phenomenon"
    Kenny Chesney: "When the Sun Comes Down"
    Perfect Circle: "Thirteenth Step"
    Toby Keith: "Shock'n Y'all"
    Norah Jones: "Feels Like Home"
    Kylie Minogue: "Body Language"
    Lil John: "Kings of Crunk"
    Nelly Furtado: "Folklore"
    Barry White: "Ultimate Collection"
    Bee Gees: "The Record"
    Elton John: "Greatest Hits 1970-2002"
    ABBA: "Definitive Collection"
    Lynryd Skynyrd: "30th Anniversary Collection"
    Jimmy Buffett: "Meet Me in Margaritaville"

    Circuit City
    Switchfoot: "Beautiful Letdown"
    Twista: "Kamikaze"
    Maroon 5: "Songs for Jane"
    VA: "Bad Boy's 10th Anniversary"
    Kanye West: "College Dropout"
    Avant: "Private Room"
    Korn: "Take A Look..."
    Offspring: "Splinter"
    Norah Jones: "Feels Like Home"
    OST: "Barbershop 2"
    Alicia Keys: "Diary of..."
    Evanescence: "Fallen"
    Tob Keith: "Shock'n Y'all"
    Jessica Simpson: "In This Skin" (re-issue)
    Outkast: "Speakerboxx..."

    Best Buy
    Michael McDonald: "Motown"
    Sting: "Sacred Love"
    Musiq: "Soulstar"
    Elton John: "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"

    Best Buy:
    --buy the "Cheetah Girls" and "Pixel Perfect" soundtrack CDs at the same time, get both for $10.
    --buy Godsmack "The Other Side" CD and "Smack This" DVD at the same time for $15.

    See ya later this week with unadvertised specials!
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    Thanks Eric.

    Nothing for me this week, but I'm glad to know you will be here when I need you.

  3. Jeffrey Noel

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    Thanks for the great addition to the Coupon section Eric! I'll definitely refer to your thread each week!

    I highly recommend "The Thrills - So Much for the City" to anyone. This is such a great CD!
  4. Phil Tomaskovic

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    Has anyone heard the Mike McDonald Motown SACD?

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