can I use two pairs of floor speakers for hts?

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    I recently have purchased a pair of E80 FLOOR AND PB10 speakers this summer. I loved the designed and sound quality of your speakers. I have a hometheatre system ......theyare HK AVR-230 receivers, sony tv & DVD.....
    I am looking to replace my rear speakers in the next few days.... Another pair of E80 FLR SPEAKERS is top of on my list.... Problem, most rears speakers are recommended to hang 2-3 feet above ear level(while sitting down).
    If I buy another pear of floor standing speakers, what are my advantages and disadvantages.

    JBL fan,Hi Jason,

    Thank you for quick response and suggestions.
    Last question: Movie: Black Hawks Down
    eg...a scene of five helicopters flying above....what kind of sound effect will hear? Do/will I have the same effect as speakers that were hang in the celing/wall?

    Speaker placement suggestions are given generically because all rooms are different and most use smaller speakers in the rear. There is no disadvantage, only performance advantages in going to the floor standing model.

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