1. T

    My Three Sons Australian Release-Did Anyone Buy It?

    Did anyone pick up the Australian release Seasons 1-4 of My Three Sons that came out a few months ago? I was wondering if the episodes in this were the same edited ones with the same substituted music cues as the domestic releases.
  2. Ronald Epstein

    Best Buy 4k Steelbook Deal of the Day 12/7/20

    There are 11 Steelbook 4k titles on sale today for $12.99
  3. dpippel

    Best Buy: Panasonic DP-UB820-K 4K UHD Player - $349 Shipped

    GREAT deal on a great 4K player...
  4. Garysb

    Preview of Best Buy Black Friday Ad for Media

    The original Star Wars Trilogy 4K are $14.99 each and are available now. This ad is for Black Friday
  5. S

    My ELAC speakers get here tomorrow! I have to mount the surrounds, how high & what mount should I use?

    Ok so I'm making a whole new thread now that I've learned more. I'm close to ready to buy, just need you all to guide me. It's my first ever home theater system. I have a room with a projector and screen, now just need audio. Here’s my home theater room (Imgur link) (screen is on the top wall...
  6. dpippel

    Amazon: Buy 2 Select Criterion Titles, Get 1 Free

    Just select "Movies & TV" on the left, then search for "Criterion": Discount added at checkout.
  7. David Norman

    TARGET -- Buy 2 Get 1 Free Movies, Books, Music 10/11 through 10/17/2020 (other sale notes)

    Another B2G1 sale starting Sunday sometime around/after 3am ET. Target sales tend to operate on Pacific Time, but aren't known for being punctual These sales tend to be In-store and Online, but don't include all items The fine print as usual states Excludes New Items and Preorders, but that...
  8. Garysb

    Gotham Complete Series $24.99 at Best Buy Amazon had price matched until Amazon sold out.
  9. K

    Help me buy my next TV

    Hello all, I’m going to be in a position where I will have to buy a new display in the next month or two. The display will be for my home theater and will be replacing a Samsung 46 inch purchased in 2012 or so (the model escapes me but it is a 1080P, 3D, smart tv and has done well). I have...
  10. drdave319

    Dear Best Buy...

    Dear Best Buy, As an avid collector of your Steelbook packaging (for films I like), I would like to request that you stop releasing multiple versions of the same movie with different steelbook packaging. Especially since the Star Wars movies have yet to receive their 4K Steelbook releases yet...