Call of Duty:World At War

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Gary Shipley, Jun 24, 2008.

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    I've been reading about this upcoming game (December release I think) and I am really looking forward to it. The folks who did COD3 are doing this one and using the same engine as COD4. It will be WW2 again, but will cover the Pacific island battles and the Russians marching on Berlin. I know alot of you would rather see something in the more recent vein like COD4 , but I personally enjoy the WW2 battles. Anyone else interested? Oh yeah, I almost forgot, you get to use a flamethrower in this one!
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    I was really disapointed when CoD4 was announced to be Modern Warfare. I was afraid it would be too much like Ghost Recon and the like with enemies being outlined and all kinds of "heads up display" stuff like that which tends to scream "video game".

    I was really glad to see they did CoD4 right and kept it very real. No unnecessary video graphics mucking up the view and drawing you out of the realism like so many other games do.

    Ironically, now I find myself apprehensive about going back to the WWII theater. I think I'm going to miss the modern weapons.

    However after seeing the new trailer for World at War, I'm optomistic they can pull it off.

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