Busted KSW-12 - anybody know about the guts?

Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Seth_B, Jan 30, 2004.

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    Jan 21, 2004
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    Alright, I have about a year old Klipsch KSW-12 sub. I am not using it right now, but would like to keep it as a back-up or to possibly integrate it into a bedroom system some day.

    Anyway, there is a problem with the sub. I don't know how to explain this well, but I'll give it a shot. On the back of the sub is the port. When looking inside the port, there is a tube that is about the same size diameter as the port opening and about 6-7" long ...... rattling around loose inside the enclosure. What the heck is that tube? I assume that it was connected to the port opening from the inside at one time, but honestly, I don't know for sure. I don't think I ever really looked into the port opening before. I guess what I am wondering is where this tube is supposed to start and where it is supposed to end. I could take the woofer or amp off to try figure it out, but I figured some of the speaker-o-files here may be able to guide me a little bit.

    I am not sure how it got loose to begin with, but I assume it must have rattled loose sometime. Honestly, I never noticed the difference in sound quality when I was using it as my primary, but after testing again, I can definitely hear it rattling in there. I guess I am wondering why this tube is there to begin with. Maybe to decrease port noise?

    Thanks guys.
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    I think that tube is the extension of the port. They were glued together at one time.

    What you'll need to do is open up the sub by removing the driver. You then can inspect and see if the 2 are suppose to be connected together.

    You could also call Klipsch tech support for help [​IMG]
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    Kevin Stewart
    Where did you buy it?

    I bought mine from Tweeter and after over 1 year, it stopped working. I took it in and they exchanged it for a new one no questions asked.


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