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Budget 7.2.4 build in basement (1 Viewer)


Jan 3, 2021
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I am in the process of building out basement for 7.2.4 and looking for some advice as it will be a staged budget build.

Room size is 13'w X 21'l x 8'h - The Theater space will be more like 13 x 13 x 8 as the rear of the room has a treadmill and bike.
There should be room for a 128" diagonal screen
See attached document for rough layout

Budget items I will leverage in the short term

Input source is Fire TV, source material
Prime - Movies,
Plex - 1080p local movies, some music
Zwift - virtual bike trainer - example -
Theater receiver is a Sony STR-DH590 - Good for 5.1or2
Current speakers are Acoustic energy
Front Speakers - http://www.audioreview.com/product/speakers/floorstanding-speakers/acoustic-energy/aegis-one.html
Center Speaker - http://www.audioreview.com/product/speakers/center-channels/acoustic-energy/aegis-center.html
Rear Speakers - http://www.audioreview.com/product/speakers/floorstanding-speakers/acoustic-energy/aegis-three.html
Seating - Just a single row needed - around 12 feet from screen, l will also watch a lot of movies from treadmill/bike
LV/Wiring etc will be in a room attached to basement

Looking to purchase the following, but open to suggestions

Screen - Silver Ticket - STR-169128 (16x9 128" diagonal)
Projector - Benq HT3550
Receiver - Denon X4700H (9.2) - Not sure if long term solution/as possible overkill, maybe buy older model and wait...
Subwoofer - Possibly/probably 2 - Looking for recommendations
Ceiling Speaker - Looking for 4 - Looking for recommendation
Front Effect Speaker - Looking for 2 - I am guessing they could be in-wall or not
Other Speakers - At some point replace the aegis (or not)


1. Ceiling is 8 feet, single row of seating around 12 feet, looks like ceiling speakers would be 4 feet in front and 4 feet behind seat (45 degree), ears at 4 feet
2. Looking at projector throw, it would be between 10 and 13 feet, basically above seating, would this work or be too noisy, better to mount behind seating?
3. Cannot put anything to side of seating due to stairs, other rooms, so best subwoofer position would be opposite corners (front/back)
4. Rear surrounds, are they best mounted at the back wall (behind treadmill) or bring them forward closer to seating
5. What is the best/easiest way to control it all (IR Repeater, or harmony like remote)
6. HDMI cable length looks to be around 25-30 feet, recommendations for fiber optic

Thanks in advance


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