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Blockbuster Previously viewed dvds all 9.99 (1 Viewer)

Karl FS

Feb 7, 2003
Just thought some people might want to know, all the previously viewed dvds are on sale at blockbuster for 9.99. The sale started on tuesday so I imagine it would last at least a week or so. I just picked up bourne identity, star wars 2, road to perdition, and big fat greek wedding. :emoji_thumbsup:

Malcolm R

Senior HTF Member
Feb 8, 2002
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Hey, I might have to stop there on my way home tonight, though "Bourne Identity" wouldn't be a purchase as they were all pan-and-scan at my Blockbuster.


I got:
  • The Sum of All Fears
  • Igby Goes Down
  • The New Guy
  • xXx

All in primo condition. :emoji_thumbsup:


Stunt Coordinator
Mar 13, 2003
I got:
Blade II
Dark City

Damn good condition as well. The Dark City was brand new!


Apr 4, 2003
I work at a Blockbuster in Peoria and we are planning to have a buy 2 get one free sale along with the $9.99 deal.

So basically you get 3 movies for $20. Not too bad.

Just make sure you check the discs to make sure they aren't scratched.

I'm not sure if all Blockbuster's have this deal but for sure the one in Peoria does on Friday and Saturday. Good luck!;)


Apr 4, 2003
I just went to my Blockbuster and the corporate headquarters called them and told them not to go through with the sale I mentioned above.

So I decided to just buy a couple movies because they are still 9.99 and I get a 20% employee discount. Apparently now, employees don't get their discount on sale items. So please don't ever buy more than you have to from this company. They perpetually try to screw over the consumer and treat their employees like crap.

Also, make sure your discs are in pristine shape before actually buying them. Blockbuster has a wonderful policy where if a customer brings back a disc that is defective, we put a sticker on it and send it back out. If we get another complaint, we might take it off the shelves, but only if we feel like it. Otherwise, it could be rented out again and again. And then it will be pulled for sale. I have personally had to process some of the most horribly scratched movies and then sell them to people. And if they don't return them in 30 days, then they are S.O.L. Just a warning.

Also - never ever buy a new movie from BB. Some people seem to think it's the only store that sells movies and then happily pay the standard $21.99 price for all new dvds. They are usually $6 cheaper at the Walmart next door.


Second Unit
Sep 20, 2002
Disney issued a $3 coupon for a select number of titles last month, anyone try to use this on a copy of Patch's Adventure: 102 Dalmations at BB?

John Millers

Stunt Coordinator
Nov 6, 2002
ReaganG, I don't know what your guff with BBuster is.

I showed your post to my friend who is a store mgr, and he said your concern should be with your manager not the company.

1. Employee Discount: Employees still receive their discount on the $9.99 sale, the computer can not perform a double mark down (9.99 & 20%) so a bar code was emailed to the stores to perform the 20% discount.

2. Defective Disc Policy: Customers complain about disc and tape problems all of the time. I also work in retail and frankly, customers like to complain. Common DVD complaints are either
A) real disc problem, dirty or scratched.
B) player problem, dirty lens.
C) stupid users, "black bars on screen", "it’s only in French".
D) user fraud, "I want a free rental"

According my friend while the policy is to mark dvds and monitor for additional complaints, employees are empowered to clean dvds and to pull discs with obvious defects. Would you place a disc on the shelf if it were split in two? Hmm, I am willing to guess there is some play in that policy just as there is when every other retail store places returned items back on the floor.

3. Return Policy: A 30 day return policy on previously viewed dvds is a liberal policy. Most retail return policies are 10-15 days or 10% restocking fee, or same title exchange only. I have had issues with discs but have always been taken care of.

4. Prices: While BBuster does not compete with most retail stores on price, but as Aaron pointed out they do pricematch. With Target bowing out of this policy, I have price matched a number of times with BBuster now. Most recently picked up Harry Potter for the TRU preorder price of $12.99.

To sum it up, while it appears you may not be getting the best info from your store manager, BBuster is a still a good place for us dvd enthusiasts to get some good deals on our secondary titles at a B&M. $9.99 for Road to Perdition or $40 for the first season of Six Feet Under is not a bad deal. :)

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