Billy Joel Live At Shea Stadium Blu-Ray Best Buy Exclusive

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    I was wondering if anyone has heard the reason why Billy Joel Live At Shea Stadium, the Best Buy exclusive, didn't make it to their stores today? I really couldn't believe this happening at a Best Buy. This is more like something that Wal-Mart or Target would do. I checked online this morning on and all of the stores said, "Unavailable", so I went to the store near me and asked one of the workers if they had it and she took me to the standard DVD, and the CD/DVD set. When I asked about the Blu-Ray, she went away for a moment then came back and told me they didn't receive it today. Then she said it might come in tomorrow, or one day this week. What really got me about this was her attitude, she didn't seem to care if they had it or not. I told her this didn't make Best Buy look too good considering that this is a Best Buy " EXCLUSIVE" . I even checked the stores in New York City, and they also said, "Unavailable". So if anyone can tell us what the story is, that would be great. Thanks.
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    Saw it at my Best Buy on Tuesday morning.

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