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Beyerdynamic Headphones Receive Recognition for CES 2018 Innovation Award

The Aventho wireless headphones by beyerdynamic, Inc. has been named as a CES 2018 Innovation Awards Honoree. Each year a panel of judges made up of industrial designers, engineers and trade media experts deem which products in 28 categories are worthy of consideration for entry into this prestigious program.

According to beyerdynamic of Farmingdale, NY, the best possible sound can be rendered from these cans with the help of Bluetooth 4.2 protocol combined with the aptX HD codec from Qualcomm. Furthermore, a completely personalized hearing profile is supported by the "Make It Yours" (MIY) app which is uploaded directly to the Aventho Wireless.

The right side of the headphones includes a touch gesture control pad, which incorporates functions such as next track, louder, take a call, hang up, lower volume etc. The sensitivity of the touch control can also be adjusted to suit your individual preferences, and your listening habits are registered onboard the app, which in turn measures the intensity and duration of your daily listening profile.

Alan Feckanin, Director, Americas, at beyerdynamic says, "We are happy to be an honoree for Aventho wireless in the Innovation in Headphones category from CES. Many companies enter their product in the headphone category and we are excited to be named as an honoree. This recognition really shows how much innovation went into the design, engineering and craftsmanship of the Aventho wireless. In combining our leading in-class headphone technology along with our partner Mimi's app technology to make the listening experience unique for the customer, truly the Aventho wireless is a leader within the headphones that are in the marketplace today."

The Aventho wireless evidently scored highly across many of the required judging criteria, and will join a 'small percentage' of other products awarded with this honor each year.
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