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Jul 1, 2012
Salem, Oregon
Real Name
Mychal Bowden
Although I've been a member of HTF for nearly a decade now, I haven't formally introduced myself to the community outside of my reviews. So I'll take the time today to make the formal introduction:

I was born in Laguna Hills, California in 1990 and spent much of my childhood between California, Virginia and Oregon due to the fact that my father was a Lieutenant Colonel in the Marine Corps. However, my love of movies wasn't truly ignited until I moved out to Salem, Oregon following my freshman year in high school; that was when I took a Film as Literature class in my sophomore year at West Salem High School. It was that class that I got to see movies like North by Northwest, The Graduate, Rosemary's Baby, Harold and Maude, Vertigo and Amadeus (quite the lineup, huh?) and I began to look for more classic movies outside of class; I can't begin to tell you how much money I spent in acquiring DVDs from Border's, Barnes and Noble, FYE and other electronics stores. When I attended community college, I also sought out film studies courses and got introduced to a more broader spectrum of movies; it was also during this time that I got my first Blu-ray player as well as saw my first movie in the theaters by myself (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, if anyone was wondering). Although much of my time now - outside of reviewing movies here at HTF - is spent working in my family's store (The Cotton Patch in Keizer, Oregon), is still take the time to watch movies as well as add to my extensive collection when time and money permits. When I started my movie collection, Fantasia (a movie that was a big part of my childhood), The Blue Brothers and North by Northwest were my first DVDs; today, I'm up to 2,863 movies, with 1,366 of those on Blu-ray and 12 of those on UHD Blu-ray (I'm recently new to the format, since I got my UHD Blu-ray player for my birthday this year) and still counting. My love of movies started with my mother when I was very young, but it took a high school class to get me where I am today.

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