Avia DVD video and audio calibration

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    I ran all the video tests and afterwards, I noticed everything had a purple tint to it. I re-ran the DVD making sure everything was correct, but every movie I put it in all had the same tint to it. The flesh tones were very purple looking and the red's seemed to be off a bit. Is it just the fact that I didnt have my TV calibrated correctly and I'm not used to the correct setting? Or has anyone else noticed this? By the way, I have a Mitsubishi 60" RPTV.
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    are you positive you calibrated correctly? Making sure that the blue bars were all solid blue on the saturation patteren and that there was minimal flashing of the squares within them? If so your tv may be pushing red too much, this is fairly normal as a lot of tv's have this problem. Check your color decoder and see were red reads on the scale, if it's more than +15% you have a severe red push happening.

    If so, lower your color until you can get red to read somewhere between +5 and +15% on the color decoder scale, that's a reasonable setting for red. Get it to read at 0% if you can get away with it without robbing green and blue too much. If you need to cut down your saturation, leave your tint where it was according to AVIA's standards.

    If you've calibrated correctly and don't have a red push problem, you may have a bad color decoder inside your tv, a friend of mine had this problem and made it impossble to calibrate her tv. I doubt this is your problem however with such a quality monitor.

    If you've checked everything and are certain, you may need to get your set professionaly ISF calibrated if you haven't done so already.

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