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ARROW VIDEO US 50% off MSRP off at Barnes & Noble Online (1 Viewer)

David Norman

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Oct 12, 2001
Charlotte, NC
ARROW VIDEO US 50% off MSRP off at Barnes & Noble Online

270 Titles now listed at 50% off MSRP -- DVD, BD, and three 4K/UHD

I don't see an end date listed, but the last couple Nov sales have been concurrent with the Criterion Sale so assume 11/30 to be safe. Interestingly the Cinema Paradiso (12/8 DVD, BD, UHD) ARE part of the sale though none of the other December items are included.

This is almost certainly an online sale only. In the past, very few of these are in-store at all and even then only a few titles appear to be 50% off and even the member discount was blocked the last sale.. I checked a few of the stores I know that used to stock a decent number of Arrow titles and most stores at best only have a few titles.

BN does allow Price Match to it's online price now, but that usually blocks the 10% discount assuming it might apply at all. Many of the 40-50% off sales now exclude he member discount.

Just in case some internationals can place an order (or if Amazon, etc Price Matches) and want to try an order for some of the US internationals, here;s the known Region Coding for the US items -- the exclusives are grouped near the bottom. I think there are around 10-15 US exclusives

50% off isn't unique to B&N, but it's uncommon to see any of the US retailers go more than 50% off on most releases. Target B2G1 sales can be a couple dollars cheaper IF you have 3 items AND Target item is in-stock. For items that have equivalent releases in the UK -- ordering the UK item during direct ArrowUK sales is often quite a bit cheaper. Almost every Dual near simultaneous UK/US Arrow is Region A and B friendly, but there are a few exceptions


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Jul 31, 2003
Slaughterhouse 5 is $20.88 at Amazon but has a $2.22 coupon bring price down to $18.66.

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