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Arrow Video Sales -- US and UK and Canada (1 Viewer)

David Norman

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Oct 12, 2001
Charlotte, NC
Various entities having concurrent sales on Arrow Media products

July 1 through July 26
ArrowFilms UK -- Camp Arrow Pt 2

ZavviUK -- ARROW BOGO -- make sure you're on the UK site (change the Flag in upper right to UK if needed)

ArrowUK Region Status GoogleDoc

7/1 - 7/25 -- I think most items are 50% off MSRP
ARROW US -- Camp Arrow at DiabolikDVD

and the return of the summer Barnes and Noble Sale. Presumedly will run concurrently with the Criterion Sale July 2- Aug 2. In the past this has been mainly an online sale and items in-store haven't always been discounted. Don't forget that BN will now match their website price. Prices not active at 12:15am ET, but the list and Banner seems active
Barnes and Noble Arrow US 50% Sale

7/1 - 7/26 -- ARROW Canada
Unobstructed View - Arrow Summer Camp II

For those only interested in teh US and.or CA exclusives, I think this is the current list though included preorders and several OOP items
Alice, Sweet Alice (Communion / Holy Terror)6-Aug-19A Locked
Basket Case (Limited Edition)27-Feb-18Region Free
Basket Case (With Pin | Limited Edition)27-Feb-18Region Free
Bloody Birthday4-Dec-18Region Free
C.H.U.D.22-Nov-16A Locked
C.H.U.D. (Reissue)12-Nov-19UNKNOWN
Children of the Corn (Remastered | Reissue)12-Nov-19UNKNOWN
Children of the Corn (Remastered)3-Oct-17A Locked
Cinema Paradiso (Nuovo cinema Paradiso / Exclusive Slipcover)21-Mar-17A/B Locked
Creepshow 213-Dec-16A Locked
Creepshow 2 (Limited Edition to 3000 - SOLD OUT)13-Dec-16A Locked
Dillinger26-Apr-16A Locked
Distant Voices, Still Lives (Arrow Academy)23-Oct-18A Locked
Django20-Nov-18Region Free
Django (Special Edition) (1966)3-Aug-21UNKNOWN
Django + Texas, Adios Blu-ray1-Jun-21UNKNOWN
Django + Texas, Adios Limited Edition Blu-ray30-Jun-20Region Free
Django + Texas, Adios Limited Edition Steelbook Blu-ray30-Jun-20Region Free
Django 4K + Texas, Adios Blu-ray1-Jun-21UNKNOWN
Flash Gordon 2 Disc Limited Edition Blu-ray18-Aug-20UNKNOWN
Flash Gordon 4K Limited Edition Blu-ray18-Aug-20A Locked BD-Extras
Flash Gordon 4K Standard Edition Blu-ray18-Aug-20NO BD
Flash Gordon Blu-ray18-Aug-20UNKNOWN
Keoma16-Apr-19Region Free
Killer Nun (Suor Omicidi)22-Oct-19Region Free
Last Starfighter Blu-ray13-Oct-20A Locked
Legend (Limited Edition | Original Artwork) (1985)28-Sep-21UNKNOWN
Legend (Limited Edition) (1985)28-Sep-21UNKNOWN
Loveless23-Jul-19Region Free
Mallrats Blu-ray13-Oct-20A Locked
Passion of Darkly Noon Blu-ray24-Mar-20A/B Confirmed
Pray for Death16-Feb-16A Locked
Psychomania (The Death Wheelers)21-Feb-17A Locked
Psychomania (The Death Wheelers)21-Feb-17A Locked
Rage of Honor (Special Edition)15-Mar-16A Locked
Re-Animator30-Jan-18Region Free
Re-Animator (Limited Edition | Remastered)8-Aug-17Region Free
Re-Animator (Limited Edition Artwork)22-May-18Region Free
Silent Running Blu-ray17-Nov-20A Locked
Slaughterhouse-Five Blu-ray3-Dec-19A Locked
Solid Metal Nightmares: The Films of Shinya Tsukamoto Limited Edition26-May-20A Confirmed
Solid Metal Nightmares: The Films of Shinya Tsukamoto Standard Edition6-Apr-21A Locked
Strip Nude for Your Killer (Nude per l'assassino)19-Mar-19A Locked
Torso (I corpi presentano tracce di violenza carnale)30-Oct-18A Locked
What Have They Done to Your Daughters? (La polizia chiede aiuto)14-Aug-18A Locked
Who Saw Her Die?17-Sep-19A Locked
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David Norman

Senior HTF Member
Oct 12, 2001
Charlotte, NC
I'm going to bump this thread from last summer since a lot of the information is unchanged

2022 Camp ARROW sale started today and runs through 8/22. This summer's version is much more limited than last years and is only at the US Arrow and UK Arrow stores. I'm not seeing Zavvi nor any of the US or CA sites participating and the B&N sale ended a couple weeks ago.

If you are ordering from the UK site and aren't multi-region capable, make sure to check the spreadsheet to see if the items might be B locked -- about 90% of the items have been recorded.


You can switch from US to UK sit in the upper right corner of the page by clicking the flag and changing rhe Region/Language to US or UK. Interesting that the UK site only allows payment in £ (if you have a FOREX free CC that's the best choice anyway) while the US site allows multiple different currency choices, but the sale prices only show up if you select USD

Equivalent items for releases with UK and US version tend to be much cheaper on the UK site even when adding the extra shipping unless you're only ordering a couple items.
UK site does not remove VAT and charges US sales tax (just like Zavvi)

UK shipping is based on weight and there still seem to be a few items that are misregistered in the UK database causing them to act like 2 kg items. Heathers and Horrors of Malformed Men were still screwed up a few days ago. I haven't checked, but in Dec there were some items that were blocked from shipping outside UK.
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