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Arrow Video Sales -- US and UK and Canada (1 Viewer)

David Norman

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Oct 12, 2001
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Various entities having concurrent sales on Arrow Media products

July 1 through July 26
ArrowFilms UK -- Camp Arrow Pt 2

ZavviUK -- ARROW BOGO -- make sure you're on the UK site (change the Flag in upper right to UK if needed)

ArrowUK Region Status GoogleDoc

7/1 - 7/25 -- I think most items are 50% off MSRP
ARROW US -- Camp Arrow at DiabolikDVD

and the return of the summer Barnes and Noble Sale. Presumedly will run concurrently with the Criterion Sale July 2- Aug 2. In the past this has been mainly an online sale and items in-store haven't always been discounted. Don't forget that BN will now match their website price. Prices not active at 12:15am ET, but the list and Banner seems active
Barnes and Noble Arrow US 50% Sale

7/1 - 7/26 -- ARROW Canada
Unobstructed View - Arrow Summer Camp II

For those only interested in teh US and.or CA exclusives, I think this is the current list though included preorders and several OOP items
Alice, Sweet Alice (Communion / Holy Terror)6-Aug-19A Locked
Basket Case (Limited Edition)27-Feb-18Region Free
Basket Case (With Pin | Limited Edition)27-Feb-18Region Free
Bloody Birthday4-Dec-18Region Free
C.H.U.D.22-Nov-16A Locked
C.H.U.D. (Reissue)12-Nov-19UNKNOWN
Children of the Corn (Remastered | Reissue)12-Nov-19UNKNOWN
Children of the Corn (Remastered)3-Oct-17A Locked
Cinema Paradiso (Nuovo cinema Paradiso / Exclusive Slipcover)21-Mar-17A/B Locked
Creepshow 213-Dec-16A Locked
Creepshow 2 (Limited Edition to 3000 - SOLD OUT)13-Dec-16A Locked
Dillinger26-Apr-16A Locked
Distant Voices, Still Lives (Arrow Academy)23-Oct-18A Locked
Django20-Nov-18Region Free
Django (Special Edition) (1966)3-Aug-21UNKNOWN
Django + Texas, Adios Blu-ray1-Jun-21UNKNOWN
Django + Texas, Adios Limited Edition Blu-ray30-Jun-20Region Free
Django + Texas, Adios Limited Edition Steelbook Blu-ray30-Jun-20Region Free
Django 4K + Texas, Adios Blu-ray1-Jun-21UNKNOWN
Flash Gordon 2 Disc Limited Edition Blu-ray18-Aug-20UNKNOWN
Flash Gordon 4K Limited Edition Blu-ray18-Aug-20A Locked BD-Extras
Flash Gordon 4K Standard Edition Blu-ray18-Aug-20NO BD
Flash Gordon Blu-ray18-Aug-20UNKNOWN
Keoma16-Apr-19Region Free
Killer Nun (Suor Omicidi)22-Oct-19Region Free
Last Starfighter Blu-ray13-Oct-20A Locked
Legend (Limited Edition | Original Artwork) (1985)28-Sep-21UNKNOWN
Legend (Limited Edition) (1985)28-Sep-21UNKNOWN
Loveless23-Jul-19Region Free
Mallrats Blu-ray13-Oct-20A Locked
Passion of Darkly Noon Blu-ray24-Mar-20A/B Confirmed
Pray for Death16-Feb-16A Locked
Psychomania (The Death Wheelers)21-Feb-17A Locked
Psychomania (The Death Wheelers)21-Feb-17A Locked
Rage of Honor (Special Edition)15-Mar-16A Locked
Re-Animator30-Jan-18Region Free
Re-Animator (Limited Edition | Remastered)8-Aug-17Region Free
Re-Animator (Limited Edition Artwork)22-May-18Region Free
Silent Running Blu-ray17-Nov-20A Locked
Slaughterhouse-Five Blu-ray3-Dec-19A Locked
Solid Metal Nightmares: The Films of Shinya Tsukamoto Limited Edition26-May-20A Confirmed
Solid Metal Nightmares: The Films of Shinya Tsukamoto Standard Edition6-Apr-21A Locked
Strip Nude for Your Killer (Nude per l'assassino)19-Mar-19A Locked
Torso (I corpi presentano tracce di violenza carnale)30-Oct-18A Locked
What Have They Done to Your Daughters? (La polizia chiede aiuto)14-Aug-18A Locked
Who Saw Her Die?17-Sep-19A Locked
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