Anyone here using a Samson Amp??

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  1. John Cain

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    Nov 19, 2000
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    I ordered the Stryke 15.2 kit, and now I'm looking for as much Amp muscle as possible, with a good bang for the buck..
    Does anyone here have any experience with the Samson Amps???
    Or will I get better bang for the buck with a Crown K-1 or K-2 amp???
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    -- John
  2. Brandon B

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    Mar 23, 2001
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    I am (inn August) building the dual Stryke 15.6 and have asked this same question a couple of places. Crowns are very pricey. But guess why. They're very good.
    The answer was a pretty resounding "No, don't do it!" This answer came from not only other Stryke owners but also John J of Stryke. The Samson is only rated down to 4 ohms, and the HE15 is more like 3. This means the Samson will not be particularly stable at that level.
    I then floated some alternatives like Mackie and other amps that do have a rating down to 2 ohms. The responses were still pretty much "I wouldn't." If you to to the AVS forum thread below, there is a HUGE thread on the dual version of this sub. It sounds like majority opinion is that the Crown's are ideal for these subs. Since you are building the cube, the K1 would suit you better, hooking up one VC to each channel. They also in that thread suggest some other better alternatives to the Samson to shop used for.
    All that said, I am not knocking the Samson amps. SVS ships them, and TV's opinions are very reliable. The drivers in the SVS subs are 4 ohms however, so the Samson's won't have any problems with them.
    Stryke thread:
    280 posts. My amp question was at the end of page 7.

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