1. I just bought a used NSNA and was reading the original print run had problems.

    Not exactly sure what the problems were, although one review noted that Bond's introduction to Largo in the film was missing.

    Was this the problem? Were fixed copies available later?

    I'll watch my copy soon and would like to know if I've got a good or bad one.
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    Since you bought it used you'll have to watch it to see if you have the corrected version. If it was new, you can tell from outside packaging. Here is from DVDfile.com:

    Released October 2000 by MGM
    ... Now problem has extended to whole scenes, when four minutes turned up missing on the recent MGM release of the "unofficial" Bond movie Never Say Never Again. Though we're told by MGM that they caught the problem quickly as the title shipped, some copies with the edited version did make it to store shelves. MGM has sent out corrected versions of the title, though telling the difference between the two is somewhat difficult.

    The marking designating the difference is only on the outside wrapping - corrected versions have three asterisks next to the name "Never Say Never Again" on the top white "sticky tape" label. Unfortunately, though, if you've already opened your disc and thrown out the wrapping, you probably will have no idea if your disc is the corrected one or not. So, what is the missing scene? At the 1:05:48 mark, there is a four-minute scene where Bond goes into a bar and meets Largo. Bond gives a cigarette case to a security guard and tells him its a Bond. Then there is a layer, and on the faulty discs, it goes directly to the scene where Bond, Largo and Domino are about to play the Domination video game. The corrected discs fix this, and includes the scene in between where he meets Largo in a bar. On the faulty disc, it no longer makes sense, as how can Bond be playing a video game with Domino and Largo when he hasn't even met Largo yet? Even weirder, on the bad discs, the still for the Chapter 19 scene selection is from this scene which isn't even on the disc!

    If you have a faulty version and MGM says retailers should freely exchange it with the sales receipt. However, if you still have problems, MGM has a consumer hotline that can help: 877-MGM-4YOU. Good luck!


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    I checked mine last night after reading this thread and thankfully, I have a fixed copy. Great movie by the way, even if it isn't part of the 007 canon.
  4. I'm trying to not expect much...I've only seen bits of it on cable.

    NSNA is one of those things I've walked past about 20 times before I bought one (and then only for $5).

    Bought it mostly as a curiosity/footnote in the Bond lineage and to round out my Bond section.
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    Tony D.

    spoils the surprise of this scene if you havent seen it before.

    anyway this is a great Bond movie and is certainly worthy of being part of the series as official Bond stuff.

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