Anyone bought any DC'd Infinity Interludes?

Discussion in 'Archived Threads 2001-2004' started by Greg Bright, Feb 27, 2003.

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    Gregory Bright
    Just recently unpacked new IL60s and IL36 center. May take a little break-in time, but so far I'm impressed. The 60s are much larger than I expected, and the artificial wood finish is considerably less than I expected. The IL36 blends superbly with the 60s as it should, sharing 3 drivers though in a sealed arrangement. Bass response from the 60s is prodigious though I haven't yet purchased the RABOS package from Infinity to fine-tune it.

    I have the 60s set to large with the IL36 and the CSW surrounds set to small, their low frequencies being handled by a corner-mounted DefTech PF-1500. I am a bit concerned about bass from too many locations and their cancelling/additive effects, but so far everything sounds very good. Waiting for major manufacturers to discontinue and bargain-price top quality equipment is always a treat for me.

    This system is replacing another Infinity system - Two Compositions Overture 3s, a matching CC-3 center, and two Minuette surrounds - all for sale as a package now.

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    I bought the Il60s, Il36C, IL25C, and Il10s. Great deal and I'm very happy. How do they compair to your Overtures.


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