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Any advice on the developing problem on my Sony 27" WEGA (1 Viewer)

Michael Rogers

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Dec 31, 2005
I've had a conventional Sony WEGA 27" that has been really good. Until yesterday.

We had a power outage and when it first happened power came back briefly 2-3 times before it finally quit for about an hour. I mention this because perhaps the 2-3 moments of powering up and down might be responsible for the problem.

When everything got powered back up, I began to notice intermittent color problems.

Sometimes the color is fine but then what happens is that it seems that the picture takes on a slight blueish greenish cast (subtle, so far) and the blacks in the picture seem to be excessively red (noticed the most when the picture is entirely black). Brightness also seems to be somewhat affected.

This is intermittent, sometimes there are no picture problems at all and the blacks appear fine. But in both cases (when the picture seems good or when it is experiencing the problems described) I notice moments when the color or picture (it is hard to tell if it's one or both) flares in brightness. The flaring seems to emphasize red/yellowish colors.

I will probably end up getting it serviced but I am wondering if our resident A/V experts have an opinion on what this might be based on the info given. The TV is about 7 years old.

When I get it serviced I would like to have an idea of the problem.

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