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A Pioneer533 Calibration in Atlanta (1 Viewer)


Mar 1, 2001
May 7 2002
One of the things that I looked forward to with my purchase of the 533 was
The day when I could have the TV calibrated. Like many here, I’ve been in awe
of the way they look in a good HT showroom.
There were a few people to choose from here in Atlanta, but after exchanging a
Few emails with Sean Tebor, I decided to give him a try.
Sean was very clear about what he would do on my system and it was agreed that
We would concentrate on settings for my DVD imput and not worry about the
DTV sat (other than a quick adjustment)
This also served as a great excuse for me to dust my room – a rare event for me.
One deciding factor with Sean was the fact that his personal TV was the same model,
A 643, and it worked well for him. He was so familiar with the TV that he seemed to
Fly through most of the tedious adjustments in the service menu. It was obvious he’d
Made these adjustments many times on his set and others.
My TV was warm when he arrived, so after a quick look at picture settings, which were for
the most part, the way he liked them. He preferred to work in standard and reset the 533
To Light – I had it set to Dark.
First up was my geometry, which was really out. He worked with some of the patterns in Avia and moved quickly through the process. Like a kid I said `Cool It’s Square! No more
Warped credits!’
Next was the normally long job of working with green/red and blue using the grid in the service menu. Sean moved along making coarse and fine adjustments in many of the numbered modes, which quite frankly lost me a bit. I have the service manual and have a
feel for what he was doing, but rather than slow him down with questions about each number, I decided to let him move along. He was very good about explaining what he was doing, and I kept the `Show me what you just did’ to a minimum. Much of this was like
What we see in the 72-point blue/red except he started with green and ended with blue under a magenta color.
On to a check with Video Essentials and some framed filters he had in his case, and a bit
More of Avia to recheck a few items.
He used what he described as a 3500.00 calculator (a color meter/grayscale calibrator I suspect) with one of the gray patterns and adjusted the TV with the remote in one hand and
The screen meter in the other. Very nice result.
I’ve left out many of the steps, but as I said, he knew where he was going on my set before
He started.
Sean was familiar with the great reviews on my Panasonic RP91, and wanted to see how it
Stacked up against the Pioneer’s doubler. We used the close up of Lelu in the Fifth Element to make a comparison. He’s a big fan of the line doubler in the Pioneer, and for our test, it proved to look sharper. I’m open minded about this and agreed to keep the RP91
In interlaced mode. With this decision, I remembered all the discussion on the subject and all the opinions for and against. Why not give a try.
We did a quick pass on a dark scene in Gladiator and the detail on clothing and skin made
Me feel good about the work. I mentioned a DVD that had exploding reds (for lack of a better description) Driven (In the guilty pleasure section of my collection) and so we gave it
A look. It’s one of those DVDs that you don’t adjust for, at least that’s what I though. It was just screwed up. Well, everything was looking fine; the reds were under control and the film looked crisp. Nice test for me, and BTW, it’s my only Stalone movie – OK!
The session went much faster than expected, but Sean knew exactly where to go on my set.
I had no problem paying him for his knowledge on that day. If I were to judge the fee on an
Hour basis, it would seem very expensive, but someone having to make their way through the service manual first would have doubled the time.
Sean set the new picture settings to zero with contrast to max. The set is much brighter than before and yet the color looks fine. I could use terms like detailed, sharp, etc. The end
Result is impressive. It seems to put out much more light than I thought possible and colors are rich. OK, so this is Pioneer. Not bad at all!!
Obviously, I’ll need some time to get used to the new look of my 533, but there’s
A big improvement here and Sean was extremely confident and competent working with my set. He services one of the main HT shops here in Atlanta.
Great Work Sean!
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Sean Tabor
[email protected]

Michael TLV

THX Video Instructor/Calibrator
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Mar 16, 2000
Calgary, Alberta
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Michael Chen

Contrast to max? Can we assume that this was merely a user setting position and that the actual contrast was set up properly in the service menu?

Do you recall what the light output was on the finished product?

Just curious ...



Mar 1, 2001
Michael-Same reply as the Spot. Yes, 30 points down in the service menu.



Supporting Actor
Dec 4, 2000
Sean does do a very good job. He has ISF'd my Panny 56" a couple of times. I'm curious who else you approached in Atlanta. I was under the impression he was the only ISF certified guy in town.

Best regards,



Mar 1, 2001

I didn't specify ISF, just that there were a few who could do the work.

Obviously, Sean has the training session under his belt. I didn't mention

that in my review. My decision to use him was based on my first impression

when we communicated and the fact that he owned the same TV series.


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