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Robert Harris

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Feb 8, 1999
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I love The Man in the Moon. It's one of the consummate films about growing up, and a child on the edge of adulthood.

It's one of those virtually perfect films, along with the fact that we now have a bit better idea of the talents of that 14 year-old girl, who made her first appearance in Robert Mulligan's 1991 gorgeous work.

I also appreciate Julie Kirgo's monographs, that come along with Twilight Time releases. I generally read them after I view the film, and this one is helpful in explaining at least one reason why this film is so special.

To quote Ms Kirgo:

"The Man in the Moon... is that rare thing in contemporary cinema. A coming-of-age star that focuses on, of all things, a girl. And by "girl," we don't mean a bosomy 23-year-old attempting to play 16. We mean a real adolescent, just 14 (and looking, if anything, a bit younger), perfectly incarnated in an extraordinary screen debut by an actually 14-year-old Reese Witherspoon. It's not often - particularly in our youth-obsessed society - that we've had the pleasure of watching a clearly gifted actress grow from virtual childhood to still brilliant maturity."

I occasionally make note of the fact that I'm jealous of those who will experience a film for the first time.

This is one one them.

That said, I wish I liked the actual disc better than I do.

The element is fine. Grain is fine. Resolution is superb.

But by all appearances, whomever ordered the master, allowed a certain number of hours to get color and density correct, and there weren't enough of them.

There are problems.

I'd bet that most viewers won't notice the problem. But too many sequences have color shifts from shot to shot, most notably going from a MS or 2S to a MCU, as they generally seem to go yellow.

I'm not even suggesting that it's the colorist. It just may be budget. And that's a pity.

Once again, Twilight Time has given us a superb release, but from a master which they don't control.

Image - 3.5

Audio -5

4k Up-rez - 3.25

Pass / Fail - Pass

Very Highly Recommended


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