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Discussion in 'Forum Help and Feedback' started by Greg_S_H, Mar 31, 2013.

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    Sorry if these have been asked and answered.

    First, I like to do most of my surfing via my iPhone using Atomic Web Browser in desktop mode. The minus sign used to collapse unneeded forum sections doesn't appear, so I can't get rid of stuff I don't need. Not a major deal, but I'd like to have that functionality/know how to do it if I do. Related: really unimportant, but when I first show up here on my PC, the collapsed sections first appear as uncollapsed and then collapse after a second or two. If they could just stay collapsed all the time, that would be preferable. If they can't, so be it.

    Second, this may be user error, but I've encountered it on other forums (unknown if it was the same software). If I start a post by quoting somebody and then edit the quote before I start typing, I can't get a prompt below the quote. I can't go anywhere below the quote box to type anything. I have to just start over. If I type placeholder text below it first, it works, but if I forget, it doesn't.

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    That's a longstanding problem. It existed with Huddler. The key is to not delete text from the very end of a quote. That somehow deletes some hidden linebreak or hidden BB Code that makes it impossible to edit beyond the quote box.

    The workaround is to type a character after the quote box, then go in a do the editing. If that text you typed gets sucked up into the quote box, you've deleted the mystery code, and need to undo to fix it.

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