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Apple TV+ The Last Thing He Told Me (1 Viewer)

Adam Lenhardt

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Feb 16, 2001
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Owen Michaels is a widower who made a comfortable life for himself and his teenage daughter Bailey as the top software engineer for a major software developer. Fourteen months ago, he married NYC-based wood artisan Hannah.

While there is still significant friction between Hannah and Bailey, the three of them have built a life for themselves on a houseboat outside San Francisco.

Then one morning, everything changes. Hannah comes home from running errands and she can't get a hold of Owen. A girl from Bailey's school knocks on her door; a man paid her twenty dollars to drop off a handwritten note addressed to Hannah. Inside, the note just reads: "Protect Her"

Bailey stays late at school in rehearsal for either a school concert or a school musical where she has a solo. Before she leaves, she stops by her locker and finds a duffel bag filled with cash and an equally cryptic note from her father.

Soon, the FBI is raiding Owen's employer and a U.S. Marshal from Austin, TX is tailing Hannah. As their world is falling apart, Hannah and Bailey only have each other to lean on. They don't know why Owen ran, but they do know that he loves them both. Can they discover the truth before the law -- or maybe someone worse? -- finds Owen?

This AppleTV+ miniseries is an adaptation of Laura Dave's NYT bestseller. She's adapted her novel for television with her husband, screenwriter Josh Singer (Spotlight, The Post, First Man). The first two episodes dropped Friday, and I'm hooked. Jennifer Garner and Angourie Rice make for a compelling odd couple pair of sleuths as Hannah and Bailey, respectively. It has a strong supporting cast too, with Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as the engimatic Owen, mainly seen in flashbacks, Aisha Tyler as a journalist friend of the family with a lot of contacts in a lot of places, and Geoff Stults as Hannah's high-powered lawyer ex who has a lot of experience representing white collar scumbags and knows what the FBI will be pursuing.


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Mar 4, 2001
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Did this debut this week? I’ve got it on my list, but it hadn’t released as of Wednesday (when we last watched “appointment” TV).

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