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Discussion in 'Displays' started by valerielouise, Dec 10, 2011.

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    My TV is my everything I really enjoy watching it. Problem is it is about 7 yrs old and I can't afford to buy a new one. The picture and sound are gone but the red power light blinks. I really want to get it fixed but I am hesitating because of Christmas....... I need my money for presents for others :) not myself. Do you think that It is affordable to get it fixed or should I start to save for a new one? I will get the serial # If needed. Thanks, Valerie
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    Greetings The number of times it blinks will tell a repairman what is likely the problem. There are pretty much no repairmen that hang out here. :( Also 7 years out ... parts will no longer be available so circuit boards will have to be rebuild it needed. Can't swap parts anymore. Fortunately tvs like 55" panels are well under $1000 these days ... and way better than what the philips could ever do ... and you get a warranty with them too. Regards
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    Well, there just aren't very many of us repairmen even left in business. I cut back on responses when I stopped doing warranty service because all the manufacturers cut small service companies loose about 6 years ago and I had no more resources to provide cogent answers. 7 years is actually good life for the newer manufactured TVs, so repairing it will not provide significant future usage. Another year or two (or a few months) and something else is likely to fail. Personally, I feel it would be a bad investment. I didn't specialize in Philips/Magnavox but a friend of mine did, and the CRT RPTVs of that approximate age had a "stand-up" do-everything circuit board populated with leaking surface mount capacitors that was impossible to repair or get rebuilt reliably. That's just half blind guessing but I wouldn't repair one of those sets for myself if someone gave me one: Sony, Hitachi - yes; Panasonic - maybe; Philips - no.

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