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51UWX20B Shawdow detail problem (1 Viewer)

Apr 14, 2003
I had a Hitachi 51UWX20B delivered about a month ago and just love it. I am using it with a Sony NS715P running through component in on the TV, progressive on. I calibrated with S&V Home Theater Tune-Up and have the settings as follows:

Contrast 33
Brightness 51
Color 46
Sharpness 40
Tint a very small bit right of center
Color Temp High
All advanced settings off

I have also entered the service menu and changed the following settings to correct red push

RY-PH-F 02
R/B-GAF 03
GY-PH-F 01
G/B-GAF 04

Colors look vibrant and DVD's are very sharp. It's a great set except for one problem. The problem is in dark scenes. The shadows seem to have no detail. Any area in the scene that is supposed to be shadowed a bit looks as black as the areas that are supposed to be pitch black. Does that make sense? I'm not sure I am explaining it correctly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you! -Ryan

EDIT: Is there any way to edit the title of my post? Yes, it's been a long Monday and I spelled shadow incorrectly.

Jeremy Anderson

Nov 23, 1999
My 43UWX10b suffered from the same problem, no matter what I tweaked. Then Gregg Loewen came and did a calibration on my set and my jaw dropped. Getting the grayscale set to 6500k across the board really brought out the shadow detail. I recommend you get your set ISF'd after it has at least 100 hours on it. You probably ought to be running it on STANDARD color temperature though, because that will be closer to 6500k (though probably still nowhere near it).

The Spot has a section of very detailed Hitachi tweaks that might help you if you can't afford an ISF'ing, but you have to be a paid member to access them.

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