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3-Ring binder pages for DVD storage (1 Viewer)

May 9, 1999
I was checking various options for condensing the storage space required for my DVDs and think that the 3-ring binder type approach may work out well (especially for things like The X-Files series).
I found these binders that should work great for this:
UniKeep Binders
but, I haven't really found any great binder pages that will house both the inserts and the DVDs.
For The X-Files series specifically, I was thinking about a regular sheet protector type insert to hold the inserts, and then a few of the 8-disc per page CD/DVD inserts. At 7 DVDs per season, I should be able to fit about half of the entire series run into a single 1" binder. Then I'd just have to come up with some nifty cover art for the binder.
This company makes what look like some decent binder pages: UniVenture
I chould probably check out the CaseLogic CD binder pages as well. I like their DVD pages, since they hold the inserts as well, but they seem a bit expensive and only hold 2 DVDs per sheet.
Anyone else going this route for storage?

Peter Overduin

Supporting Actor
Jun 30, 1997
No. I have a revolving stand that holds about 500 DVDs and I have almost 300. So, it should be good for a few more months:D
I also like to view my DVD spines, esp when I want to watch something but can't decide what. These binders; well, it seems you lose that. BTW, how many DVDs do you have that storage is an issue? There have been previous threads on this issue that might give you some ideas as well. Good luck
May 9, 1999
Yeah, I would be a bit worried about the scratching issue, although it seems like the Univenture (and other higher quality sleeves) tend to minimize that.

What would be ideal would be a rigid plastic sheet 8.5" x 11" with 4 jewelcase type spindles on each side. They'd take up a bit more space than the pocket type, but would provide better protection.

Sarah S

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Feb 6, 2001
I use the CaseIt sleeves to hold my dvds. They have a flap over the disc area so no part of the disc is exposed.

Some pros:

1)Your dvds are highly portable.

2)Your living room no longer looks like the local Hollywood Video.

3)Fairly easy to re-arrange.

4)If you buy used disc w/no cover art, it doesn't matter.

Some cons:

1)No real place to store that elusive cover art. I use sheet protectors in front of the particular page that the dvd is being held in, but snappers present a difficulty.

2)This can be a pain to set up.

3)Double-sided dvds are somewhat of a bother to find. I have to know exactly where they are on the page or I find myself squinting trying to read the tiny print.

I fully believe no solution is perfect, but what works is different for everybody.

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