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  1. JohnHopper

    QM File: THE FBI (ABC/1965-1974)

    QM File: THE FBI (ABC/1965-1974) THE FBI • SEASON 6 (1970-1971) (26 episodes • 50 mins • color) This is the first Seventies era season and the most popular one featuring many new or one-shot guests and the second assignment for the second producer team led by Philip Saltzman. Anyway, it’s still...
  2. JohnHopper

    Wanted: GUNSMOKE (CBS/1955-1975)

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  3. Paul Penna

    Missing DVD review

    Why is the post of the HTF DVD Review of "Master and Commander" blank? https://www.hometheaterforum.com/community/threads/htf-review-master-and-commander-the-far-side-of-the-world-highly-recommended.169344/#post-1852076 Nor is it listed in the DVD Review Archive page. Thanks
  4. Marsh

    The Jackie Gleason Show In Color Single DVD review

    Hello all, I've just reviewed the single DVD edition of The Jackie Gleason Show In Color from Time Life. Here's the link to the web article/review: https://hubpages.com/entertainment/The-Jackie-Gleason-Show-In-Color-DVD-Review It ends up that this is Disc 4 of the recently released 10 DVD...
  5. Matt Hough

    DVD Review Champion (2017) DVD Review

    Matt Hough Champion (2017) DVD Review A faith-based drama dealing with forgiveness of others and of our own moral lapses, Judd Brannon’s Champion may ladle on its spiritual message rather ham-fistedly, but it’s an involving and at times moving character drama. [review]
  6. Matt Hough

    DVD Review Sleepy Hollow: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Review

    Matt Hough Sleepy Hollow: The Complete Fourth Season DVD Review After four seasons of gradually ebbing ratings, Fox finally put an end to its supernatural thriller Sleepy Hollow but not before trying it on several different nights and in its last season moving its locale and adding a mostly...
  7. Matt Hough

    DVD Review Modern Family: The Complete Eighth Season DVD Review

    Matt Hough Modern Family: The Complete Eighth Season DVD Review It’s pretty inevitable that after eight years on the air, the freshness and zip in the writing and performing would have abated somewhat in any television show, and sadly that also applies to ABC’s Modern Family, still the...
  8. Matt Hough

    DVD Review This Is Us: The Complete First Season DVD Review

    Matt Hough This Is Us: The Complete First Season DVD Review One of the few shining gems of the 2016-2017 television season was NBC’s This Is Us, the story of four generations of an American family as they walk, run, strut, and stumble through life, love, career, birth, and death. [review]
  9. Matt Hough

    DVD Review Chicago Justice: Season One DVD Review

    Matt Hough Chicago Justice: Season One DVD Review Despite its overly familiar formula, NBC’s Chicago Justice deserved a better fate, a compelling carbon copy of Law & Order that featured just as fine acting, writing, and production as the original series. [review]
  10. Matt Hough

    DVD Review Scorpion: Season Three DVD Review

    Matt Hough Scorpion: Season Three DVD Review The over-the-top action and faux super science runs flatly off the rails in season three of CBS’ hit series Scorpion. [review]
  11. Matt Hough

    DVD Review Elementary: The Fifth Season DVD Review

    Matt Hough Elementary: The Fifth Season DVD Review An excellent fifth season of Elementary afforded all of the cast the chance to expand their characters in new directions and offered viewers another tantalizing array of mysteries on which to puzzle. [review]
  12. Matt Hough

    DVD Review Killing Hasselhoff DVD Review

    Matt Hough Killing Hasselhoff DVD Review Killing Hasselhoff trades on its celebrity cast but misuses them in an unfunny and tiresome comic farce that leaves no one’s show business reputation intact. [review]
  13. Matt Hough

    DVD Review NCIS: New Orleans - The Third Season DVD Review

    Matt Hough NCIS: New Orleans - The Third Season DVD Review NCIS: New Orleans now in its third season seems set for upcoming seasons with a stable cast and its own identity within the NCIS universe. [review]
  14. Matt Hough

    DVD Review The Untouchables: The Scarface Mob DVD Review

    Matt Hough The Untouchables: The Scarface Mob DVD Review The Scarface Mob may take some liberties with the real story for the sake of dramatic impact, but it’s an enjoyable feature length look at the origin of television’s The Untouchables and is recommended for fans who don’t already have...
  15. Matt Hough

    DVD Review Father Dowling Mysteries: The Complete Series DVD Review

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  16. Matt Hough

    DVD Review Before the Flood DVD Review

    Matt Hough Before the Flood DVD Review A documentary which offers enlightened perspectives on global warming and the necessity for using sustainable energy, Fisher Stevens' Before the Flood delivers its message with facts at the forefront and emotions tempered and reasonable. [review] Read...
  17. Matt Hough

    DVD Review Bigger Fatter Liar DVD Review

    Matt Hough Bigger Fatter Liar DVD Review An update on the original Big Fat Liar with a new cast but the same basic scenario, Ron Oliver’s Bigger Fatter Liar doesn’t improve on the original farce in any way with its strained slapstick and cartoonish characters emerging as more irritating...
  18. Matt Hough

    DVD Review Archer: The Complete Season Seven DVD Review

    Matt Hough Archer: The Complete Season Seven DVD Review An often hilarious if excessively noisy season for the show (more bickering than ever before), Archer had an Emmy-winning seventh season and has been renewed for three more ten-episode seasons. [review] Read more.